An Interview with Joe Davison – By Kirsten Walsh

Throughout the world of cinema, Florida has got it going on. From all of the prior interviews we’ve done with Florida filmmakers, Joe Davison has the southern tip of Florida on lock! With a mix of genres and styles of film, Davison has secured distribution for the majority of projects he has worked on. With his head in the right place and his creativity at an all time high, he is joining forces with some other south Floridian production people to open up Red Gear Studios, and is currently in production of a video game Steam Works- a steam punk inspired first person RPG in which the player can customize just about everything! Also on Davison’s plate is the release of the horror film As Night Falls, which received distribution this year and has been released on demand through Gravitas Ventures.



Kirsten Walsh Interviews Joe Davison. from Rogue Cinema on Vimeo.


You can check out the Facebook Page for Steam Works here.

As Night Falls Facebook page.

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