An Interview with Josh MacDonald – By Kirsten Walsh

Josh MacDonald is a “Dartmouth” boy, but not “Dartmouth” the school. Deep in the wilderness of Nova Scotia, Canada lies the town of Dartmouth, where filmmakers go to create! Home of “Hobo With A Shotgun” and “The Corridor”, Dartmouth is in an area where cinematic landscapes are everywhere. With a handful of credits and ton of experience, MacDonald set himself up for a career working with talented individuals and on incredible projects that would push him to his limits. But he never lost his sense of humor!

MacDonald tucks some of that Canadian humour into “GAME”, which hit the festival circuit last year to great success, and will be available later this year on FEARnet. Including jokes for his northern brethren, he shocks and awes the audience and leaves them truly wanting more with the eight minute short film. With a mind of a writer and the vision of a director, MacDonald takes a break from writing his new screenplay to spend some time with Kirsten talking about the awesome short and what is coming up next! 



Kirsten Walsh Interviews Josh MacDonald of "GAME". from Rogue Cinema on Vimeo.



Make sure to check out the trailer and sites to get updates on “GAME” and “The Corridor”!


“The Corridor”