An Interview with Karen Lam – By Kirsten Walsh

When I was given a list of filmmakers by a close compatriot that I could reach out to and ask to do an interview, I thought no one would say yes, including director Karen Lam, who is constantly working on intriguing projects. But within minutes of my request, the perky, happy, excited filmmaker emailed me back, ready to knock out a conversation and have a great time doing it. A producer of four features, seven short films, and three television series, not to mention her writing and directing credits, Lam has been full time in the film world since 2000. In 2011, with the release of her short film, “Doll Parts”, she found the film invited to over 54 festivals worldwide. The film and herself were both profiled by “Fangoria” and “Diabolique”, and she began popping up on various lists of “Important Directors to Watch”, including one published by Planet Fury.

2013 is a huge year for Lam- she was awarded the Artistic Innovation Award for Women in Film in Vancouver in March, and is seeing the release of a TV series she directed (“Very Bad Men”, Investigation Discovery), one music video (for the band Didges Christ Spectrum for the song “Black is the Colour”), two short films (“The Meeting” and “Stalled”), one experimental short film involved in an art installation (“The Pit: A Study In Horror”- Trench Art Gallery, Vancouver), and of course, her feature film (“Evangeline”).

Thank you to Karen for joining us for this interview and enjoy!

*Author’s note: After the interview, Lam’s short film "The Meeting" was awarded Best Film at the 2013 Viscera Film Festival, which is a film festival that highlights women in filmmaking. More information on the festival can be found at Congratulations Karen!  



Kirsten Walsh Interviews Karen Lam. from Rogue Cinema on Vimeo.



Here are links to check out Karen Lam’s work!

“Evangeline” (teaser):  
“Black is the Colour”:
“The Meeting” (trailer):
“Stalled” (trailer):
“The Pit:  A Study in Horror”: