An Interview with Kelli Maroney – By Nic Brown

She’s had a song written about her by a German rock band, run from killer robots in the mall, had fast times at Ridgemont High, and even lived through an encounter with Teenage Mutant Horror Comet Zombies. Now Scream Queen Kelli Maroney tells B-Movie Man Nic Brown about her new projects, her passion for yoga and why there are few things she could tell us that would be a surprise!

*   *   *

 Nic- Kelli, you’re probably most famous for your role as Samantha in Night of the Comet. However, you’ve done a lot of films. Which one was your favorite to do and why?
Kelli- Anytime I’m doing a film, that’s my favorite one. I’ve had fun in different ways on different sets. Sometimes it’s the people or the location or whatever. I’d have to say that NOTC was my favorite though if I have to pick just one.

Nic- I understand that you are working on a couple of new features: Nightmare Carnival and Shadowland. Can you tell us something about these films and your involvement with them?

Kelli- I have Nightmare Carnival and Shadowland which I will act in and also produce. I’m also on board as a producer of Dark Star Hollow and also have a role in that one, and Bloodstalk which I am acting in.

Nic- There is a rumor that you had taken a break from the entertainment industry, but got back in after a band wrote a song about you called "Kelli Maroney don’t exist no more". Can you tell us the story behind that?
Kelli- You basically just told it–I was sent a copy of the song and the German band, Almost Charlie, were afraid that I would be offended. Totally the opposite, I was super flattered and felt that a tribute like that was too cool to be ignored. I have two versions of the song on my website–one from the band and one is an American cover.

Nic- So when you’re not acting on stage or screen, what does Kelli Maroney like to do to relax?

Kelli- I’m currently in rehearsals for an original play called Trailerville, so I guess I don’t relax much. No, actually, I love going to the gym and also do yoga, which I love.

Nic- Night of the Comet is a fan favorite and it was recently re-released on DVD. What do you think is the secret of the film’s cult popularity?

Kelli- I have no idea, but I think it may have something to do with the characters being just regular people completely baffled by an unthinkable experience, getting it together and surviving with their principals intact and getting on with life no matter how the circumstances have changed? I think we all hope that we’ll be able to cope with whatever life throws at us with strength and humor and HOPE.
Nic- You’ve worked with a number of different filmmakers during your career. Who’s been your favorite director to work with and why?

Kelli- Well, I have to say Thom Eberhardt since the two most interesting characters I got to play were both written and directed by him. There’s something about writing and directing your own stuff that makes the working environment so much more alive for everyone involved.
Nic- Can you tell us a bit about Nightmare Carnival and your role in the film?

Kelli- Not really–I am not supposed to. 🙂
Nic- I understand that in addition to all your acting, you also practice yoga. Is that true?

Kelli- I do Hatha yoga and Kundalini yoga. They are both great workouts and I also appreciate the spiritual nature of the practice. It’s like working out your body and your spirit at the same time.

Nic- The film industry has changed over the last 20 years. How do you think the changes have affected you as an actress/filmmaker?
Kelli- I don’t have an answer for that. Things don’t change all at once, so it’s impossible to compare how things could have been as opposed to how things are. As it is, things change from week to week and day to day in this business.

Nic- Can you tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise us or that most people don’t know about you?

Kelli- Having basically lived in the public eye since adolescence, I can safely hazard a guess that there is nothing about me that I am willing to tell you that you don’t already know. : )

*   *   *