An Interview with Robert Smith and Zach Arias – By Baron Craze

Robert and Zach are dedicated film buffs and aspiring filmmakers, who currently run a radio show called The Left n Right Show, on WCNJ in Sewell, New Jersey. Their show each week presents more bizarre topics, and filmmaker guests calling in to discuss their films, and passion for the craft of escapism for the masses of fans, that enjoy both horror movies and the vast array of other genres. I had the opportunity to spend two Sunday shows with them to observe in silence for the most part their witty banter on the air and then discuss their own aspiring project, Dead Air a web series and 10 Tens a feature film project of Robert’s vivid imagination.

Baron: How did you come up with this Radio Show Concept?

Zach: Well we first thought that since we both like discussing movies and toyed around with making movies, we would create a show, at first thought three people but that changed to a preferred two-person show, and with influence from Robert’s wife made the suggestion. The “L” and “R” and that’s how we came to the show name The Left n Right.

Robert: Yeah, the whole thing came up over bowling and with gutter balls into the left and right, thought why not.

Baron: Is the show of entertainment’s world of a political show, the terms are used commonly in the political realm?

Zach: Not really, a political show, I mean many issues can sway that way, from a guest on the show or to a random thought or questions, Robert often calls himself Mr. Right, and that is fine, because he has religious beliefs/ now foreign as I matured, and I was brought up that way, but I can say I lean toward the left. Look, I am a gay democrat who was raised by lesbians, and two oddballs – see it came political – ugh! (Laughter)

Robert: No topic is off limits, we must, though be careful with language as the FCC monitors us, but the controls allow us to become very invented on the air, often thinking quickly to express ourselves.

Baron: What is a typical show?

Robert: Non Culture, touch on conventions of film and product reviews (Laughter) and events discussions, but a lot of it is just crazy random discussions and their point of views, never heated arguing.

Zach: Pop culture concept is dead, the whole doesn’t exist anymore with all of the media outlets, the standardized forms are falling away, look at yourself, you write for a zine, [rather a print magazine]. The pop-culture is defined by each individual not just a group standard, individual choice and freedoms, liking two things in polar opposites and yet still fine the method.

Robert: Zach loves Cher, and the theme is just be yourself, no act, no game, just do it –

Zach: Cher’s motto and mine very similar, I will try anything at twice, no wait three times! (Laughter)

Baron: Where does one listen to the show?

Robert: The show can be heard at,,, search super1360, tune in radio app – wnjcradio1360 on am JOIN IN!

Baron: What has been the best show?

Robert: Unsure just the guests, Jeffrey Redding who is concept writer of Final Destination and wrote the first and second movies…

Zach:  – Had Charlie Hides one of Europe’s biggest celebrity impersonators he did Cher impersonations, does Chris Jenner and did Joan Rivers live tribute show after she died.

Robert: But then we have had Butch Patrick/Eddy Munster; had David Madison & Dan Carroll, someone from Live Nation forget right now, Robert Bruce (AMC’s comic book men), Derrick Santos (got kicked off of America’s Got Talent)

Baron: Robert, you have film projects in the works too what can you tell the readers about them?

Robert: Dead Air is a web series of two slackers on an am radio station & 10 Acres an independent horror film in south Jersey based on high school slasher flick a good scripted horror movie filmed bad and wants it straight to DVD. We filmed the first episode and realized a few issues, continuity mistakes, and story arc, very important and we goofed on them. We have to get some crazy character with lunacy driven actors.

After the interview, I join the two in the studio on both September 28 and October 5, for a hilarious performance of these two talented radio hosts and to hear an interview from Thomas J. Churchill a gifted director, writer, and actor made for excellent moment of entertainment. He called in to discussing his film Marilyn: Zombie Hunter and his other film Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead and how his films fit into procession of the “Dead Series” started by George A. Romero.  During the on-air discussion Zach revealed how much of a Buffy and Angel fan he was and Robert extend a bit of hints that the Courier Post mentioned his film 10 Acres. An interesting antic that occurred on September 28’s show, Zach was challenges to each strange foods, which turn out to be a mushroom cookie. The talk varied from on topic to another, the discussion of seasonal weather and Zach to the gloom echoing outside, the days of fall to him a rather depressing time, while Robert found October as a magnificent time of the year, a time to visit haunted houses, scary locations, partake in dress up and without ramifications from passersby.

Zach announced on the air, that he just joined the social media world with great confusion and fear, and mentioned the people are sheep, unsure of what to with all this social interactions and that drunken times broadcast everywhere especially such SnapChat brings it own humiliation. The social dynamics that their show adds shows that radio, is not a dying mode, rather still holds the attraction, for people. They discussed Creamy Acres and the good versus bad aspect of the event including the offensive behaviors of parent’s children as they curse and made the rudest comments possible.
Then the greatest moment comedy on the air that has long been absent and not the comedy of a Howard Stern but rather harkening back to a time when creative exalted above lowbrow humor, yes it was product review time. Zach mentioned a friend was going to do an eatable cover mold of a private region for her husband, needless to state the event did not go well as Zach laughing stated, with the usage of all types of kitchen products to assist in this display. Though this moment broke out a verbal discussion of words or phrases legal to announce on the airwaves, concerning a certain female region located below the waist.

This duo team, shares the passion for speaking their minds, giving the audience a wonderful enjoyable experience with their guest, who are always gracious and welcomed to engage in the friendly banter on various filmmaking levels, from technique to writing to casting headaches. As for myself being in a radio station’s studio room, was a wonderful and entertaining experience, and one that had me actually participating, in a non-planned manner a rapid fire Q&A style. However, my answers fired back quickly, promptly and call the hosts off guard, yet still, they showed the style, poised to recover and take control.

Tune in on Sunday nights to hear a wonderful show of two filmmakers, with passion for films, and filmmakers and look forward to Dead Air web series and 10 Acres feature film.