An Interview with Rose McIver – By Kirsten Walsh

Rose McIver started as a young actress in the Australian and New Zealand film scene and quickly became noticed by filmmakers around the world. With appearances in “Xena” and other shows filmed under, she really broke through to American audiences with her role in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of “The Lovely Bones”. Now, she can be seen in ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” as the flighty Tinkerbell, and in her new film, “Brightest Star” opposite “Veronica Mars” alum Chris Lowell. Rose took a moment from wearing her wings to filling us in on her exciting experiences!

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KW: Let’s start with how you got started in acting. I’ve read that you started out as a child in commercials and moved on from there. Was it something that you enjoyed doing as a child?

RM: Yes, in the same way other kids played piano or tennis, it was a hobby for me. I always enjoyed it, but am very grateful that my parents made sure I stayed in school and got a regular childhood too.

KW: You have acted alongside legendary actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Lucy Lawless, and now Allison Janney (in "Brightest Star"). Who has been your favorite actor to work with?

RM: I couldn’t possibly choose one. I’m so lucky in my job that I’ve been able to work alongside seasoned veterans and fresh new talents alike. I believe there is something to learn from everyone you work with. I’m also always most impressed by an actors ability to stay humble and cooperative in a business that has a habit of creating diva attitudes.

KW: That’s awesome! What can you tell me about "Brightest Star" and you experience in it?

RM: I had such a special time making this film. I built life long friendships and am very grateful for the experience. For me, the film is about forging your identity in the first years after you finish school, and how we have to marry our ideals and ambitions with relationships and personal values. I think it’s a very universal story, pardon the pun.

KW: What are you excited about for "Brightest Star"’s release (set for VOD release in February 2014 through Gravitas Ventures)?

RM: It is so beautifully shot, our cinematographer Chayse Irvin did a brilliant job and it is the kind of film that absolutely deserves to be appreciated on a big screen. I can’t wait for my friends and family to see it.

KW: You have played some unique characters! What do you look for in roles that come your way? Do you prefer any certain type of character to play?

RM: I look for something that I haven’t done before, that will give me greater understanding of the human condition. This job encourages me to empathize and understand all walks of life. That’s what I seek to do, and to share.

KW: You have played several very memorable characters over your career. Which one has been your favorite?

RM: I’m not big on favorites! For me that can trivialize the other experiences I’ve had, and it wouldn’t be fair to do so. I appreciate certain characters simply because of their contrast with what I have played beforehand, so without the context of other projects to compare them too, each job individually would not be as fulfilling for me.

KW: What upcoming projects do you have? Can you talk about "Cassandra’s French Finishing School for Boys"?

RM: That was a pilot that I shot for MTV a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it didn’t get picked up, but that means that I’m available to take on some other exciting projects in the future so I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.

KW: What is it like playing a Disney icon- "Tinkerbell" in "Once Upon a Time"?

RM: I am so lucky. I get to play a beloved fairy tale character and work with a cast and crew of such kind and talented people. I’m very grateful.

KW: That is so awesome! What differences have you experienced working in the American film scene versus the New Zealand film scene?

RM: In the NZ film and television industry, it’s very small and I have worked with most of the same people for years. It’s like a family. Coming to the US I’ve had to meet a whole new community, however the more I get to know it, it’s also very connected and not as massive as you think.

KW: What advice do you have for hopeful Disney fairies and actresses?

RM: Be kind. Be respectful to the people you work with and surround yourself with, it’s what they’ll remember. Enjoy what you do, and follow your bliss.

Said like a true fairy! Thank you Rose, and we look forward to seeing “Brightest Star”!

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