An Interview with Rosemary Gore – By Joshua Samford

Last month I was lucky enough to do a review on a very fun little independent film called Oil & Water, which you can read here. The film dealt with an odd assortment of characters, but the leads were a pair of egomaniacal TV stars dealing with one another and trying not to go absolutely out of their mind. They argue like a bitter married couple and ultimately find that they have a possible flame for the other, but let their ego get in the way more times than not. The female lead in this film was Rosemary Gore, and of all the cast, she was certainly the one who stood out. Combining great comedic timing with a charm and sophisticated look, she has grace and star power. After watching her work, I knew she had what it takes to really make something happen for herself and I no doubt see her doing just that. I was contacted by Rosemary after the review and decided I would gather up some more information on her and asked if she would be interested in an interview – and a few e-mails later and here I am writing it. In question and answer form I asked Rosemary a few questions, and she provided. Rosemary is a young and rising star, and I think anyone who sees her work is going to agree.

* * *

 JS: In terms of your career, how did this path you find yourself on start? When did you say to yourself "I want to be an actress"?

RG: "The idea came to me when I was in junior high, however, I was always a very introverted kid, which kept me from pursuing it. When I was in high school, I was shopping with my mother at a local mall and the owner of a modeling agent approached me and encouraged me to be a model. That was very exciting for me since I was never considered attractive. I began working as a model and took comedy classes; I was told I was "funny" and should pursue acting."

JS: Are there any directors/actors/actresses that you? would love to work with one day? A dream cast perhaps?

RG: "I would love to work with Kevin Spacey, Robin Williams, Kevin Kline, Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, M. Night Shyamalan, and Quentin Tarantino."

JS: What kind of roles are you most attracted to? Is there any particular type of role you feel suits you best?

RG: "I am most attracted to the "dark, complex, oddball or eccentric roles. If I had to pick one type of role, it would most likely be comedies."

JS: The way you carried yourself in "Oil & Water", in my eyes, seemed very dignified and confident. Do you see that as yourself just shining through or is it simply the character?

RG: "Whenever I am involved in a project that I love or feel supported, I radiate confidence."

JS: With your acting career, how supportive is your family and how much do they help out?

RG: "My parents were not supportive in the beginning of my career, but have now understood my passion and great need to pursue my dream. They are now supportive and admire my success."

 JS: Discussing Oil & Water, how did the project come to you?

RG: "I mailed my information to be considered for the role, I got an interview, and received the part by the end of the day."

JS: What were you aiming for with your performance in the film? What did you most want viewers to grasp of Ms. Gabby?

RG: "I wanted the audience to see that Ms. Gabby is an intelligent, fun, attractive, assertive woman who does not compromise her integrity to be successful."

JS: With Oil & Water, I felt a fairly retro style in the film. Similar to films like The Apartment and The Philadelphia Story. A comedy, but at the same time romantic (much less ha-ha-romantic like the current romantic/comedy genre, and more like a "dramedy" if you get my meaning), did you ever see this in the work? That this is a comedy, but the emotions have to be genuine?

RG: "Yes, I did see this film as a "dramedy" that had a "retro" style to it, which I like. I personally find that "dramedies" are much funnier than the "formula" comedies; "real life" situation comedies/scenes are the funniest, most insane, and baffling, since they are experiences that all people can relate. When playing comedy, it should always be approached as a very real moment and nothing contrived."

JS: What is next for Rosemary Gore? Any projects we should know about?

RG: "I am will a feature profile in the "Inland Empire Magazine" (, which is only sold on newsstands in southern Calif. I am producing a couple of films and I will be working in the drama feature "9 Days of Rain", which I play the Lead role "Dorian", a French C.F.O. of a financial conglomerate."

* * *

Well that should do it, I would like to thank Rosemary for taking her time to give us an insight into her background and I’d like to wish her the very best of luck. Rosemary will additionally be appearing on the cover of In Magazine in their June issue which will be debuting at Cannes! You can learn even more about Rosemary by visiting her website at – she’s a great gal and a great actress. Absolutely worth picking up some of her material, and you can start with Oil & Water which is available on Netflix.