An Interview with Roxy Vandiver – By Nic Brown

As cheerleaders go, Nikki isn’t a very good one. She’s got a bad attitude, a punk haircut and wears dark, goth make-up. That’s OK though, because in Kerry Beyer’s ode to 80’s slasher films, SPIRIT CAMP, when the psycho killer shows up, she’s the one who drops her pom-poms and grabs a shotgun.

While firearm wielding cheerleaders are interesting, Nikki’s real life alter-ego, actress and model Roxy Vandiver, is even more fascinating. A native Texan, Roxy proudly states that she can beat you at chess or movie trivia, and she loves to make art of all types. It’s not surprising to learn that she has fans of her photos around the world and, now that her film career is starting to take off, her fan base can only keep going up.

Between photo shoots, promoting SPIRIT CAMP at events like the TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND, and her work on several new film projects, Roxy took a little  break to talk with B-Movie Man Nic Brown about her movies, her modeling and why you’ll hear her saying the names of Milla Jovovich characters at her house on a regular basis!

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Nic – Roxy, you’re one of the stars of Kerry Beyer’s film SPIRIT CAMP. Can you tell us a little about the film and your role in it?

Roxy – In SPIRIT CAMP, I play Nikki. She’s a punk/goth girl who is forced to attend Cheer Camp as a condition of her release from a Juvenile Corrections Facility. She doesn’t fit in well with the cheerleaders and bitchiness ensues, but when people start turning up dead they have to put aside their differences to survive. Nikki wasn’t much of a stretch for me, because I was the punk/goth girl in high school. (Okay I still am, hehe). But I was a lot meaner than Nikki. She’s quiet and sensitive. I was a fighter with a big mouth.

Nic – SPIRIT CAMP is just the tip of the film iceberg for you. Can you tell us about some of the other projects we’ll be seeing you in soon?

Roxy – Since SPIRIT CAMP, I have had the pleasure of working with Bill and Alex Shumake of Angry Nun Productions out of Austin on the film ‘KILLER SCHOOL GIRLS FROM OUTERSPACE. I believe it comes out on DVD this summer and it stars some of my dearest friends Julin Jean and Denise Williamson. I also got to fulfill a life-long dream of playing a Vampire onscreen in the Poison Apple Films production RENFIELD: THE UNDEAD. That one was very special to me. I got to work with some amazingly talented cast and crew. I’m also working closely with SWEATSHOP director Stacy Davidson on some super top secret stuff!

Nic – What do you enjoy most about acting?

Roxy – When I first got into acting, I just did it for some laughs. But once I was on a film set, I was totally awestruck by the magic of it all. The camaraderie on a film set is like nothing you will experience anywhere else. Of course, I’m a total ham who will jump in front of a camera any chance I get, but really it’s the teamwork and sense that we’re doing something special that I love about acting and film-making. It’s a privilege to work in film. So many people want to do it and so few get the chance.

Nic – When you’re working on a film, what do you find to be the most challenging aspect of it for you as an actress?

Roxy – For me, the most challenging part of being an actress is not necessarily the performance itself; it’s saying goodbye when the film (or my part in it) is wrapped. I always find myself falling in love with the entire group involved with the film. Film sets produce so many little inside jokes and "remember the time…" stories that it’s always bittersweet when it ends. I’ve been known to cry when I wrap a project.

Nic – In addition to your work in film, you have also made quite a name for yourself as a model. How did you get your start in modeling and what do you like the most about it?

Roxy – Many people know that SPIRIT CAMP director Kerry Beyer is also a very talented and accomplished photographer. We became close friends during filming and one night, after way too many margaritas I slurred to him, "Kerrrryyy….take nakkkkeddd picturrrres of meeee!" He was happy to oblige and we developed a sort of Artist/Muse relationship over the course of 2 years. He has taken over six-thousand photographs of me. Our work together was so highly praised by others that we decided to secure my domain name and take it to the web, where I have since had the opportunity to work with photographers from all over the U.S. My favorite thing about modeling? Being immortalized, of course. Someday when I am no longer young and beautiful, I will always have the photos to look back on and treasure.

Nic – That’s quite a portfolio you’ve built up with Kerry. Are you working on any new projects with him?

Roxy – Thank You. Kerry and I work very well together. We know each others’ strengths, even weaknesses. Sometimes I can just look at him and read his mind and I think he can probably do the same with me. Right now Kerry is so busy promoting and negotiating SPIRIT CAMP business that we haven’t had a chance to even talk about new projects. But hopefully we’ll team up again in the near future.

Nic – It looks like most of your modeling work is on the web. Are you doing any print work and also, do you have any photos for sale to fans?

Roxy – I’m mostly an internet model and do photo shoots to post on my website, My email address is on the site and people often contact me requesting autographed prints. I’ve sent prints all over the world from Canada to Spain to Australia.

Nic – Talking about your presence on the web, how do you think the web and other advancing technologies are changing the film and modeling industries?

Roxy – I think the internet is phenomenal for models. Especially models like me who have a more alternative look. I’m only 5’6" and I have tons of tattoos, which would hold me back from working as a mainstream fashion model. But the internet enables girls like me to make money and get our work out there.

Nic – I understand that you like the author Charlaine Harris. So what do you think of TRUE BLOOD on HBO, and if you could be a character from one of her books on the show, which one would you like to play?

Roxy – I love Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. I just finished the latest one Dead in the Family. I started watching the show TRUE BLOOD after I was deep into the book series and I absolutely love it. If I could have played a character, I would love to have been Evan Rachel Wood’s character Vampire Queen Sophie. Wood is brilliant in the role, but I would love to have had a shot at it. Some say she and I look alike.
Nic – Excellent choice, I could definitely see you as Sophie, or maybe Pam…. Anyway, it sounds like you enjoy a good book. If I were to look through your bookshelves, what would I find?

Roxy – If you looked at my bookshelves you would find that I love books and devour literature like candy. You would know immediately what types of Vampires I favor because there’s so many Anne Rice works. You’d see that I have a fascination with tattoos, sexual astrology, Edgar Allan Poe, medical reference materials, serial killers and huge volumes of random trivia.

Nic – You mentioned a fascination with tattoos. How many do you have and do you have a favorite one?

Roxy – I’ve been fascinated with tattoos from a very young age and always knew that I would get them when I was old enough. My collection has become a little bit larger than I originally planned, but the more I get, the more I want. Some say tattoos are addictive and I kind of agree with that. I have about 15 tattoos, many of which are tributes to favorite films of mine like LORD OF THE RINGS, BRAVEHEART, X-MEN and my newest addition, THE CROW.

Nic – Going back to your work in film, the horror industry has often been criticized for its portrayal of women. What are your thoughts about that, both for the roles you’ve had the chance to play and in general?

Roxy – I completely disagree with the mindset that horror films are sexist or anti-feminist in any way. I believe quite the opposite in fact. Blood and boobs aside, the true theme of most horror films is a woman starting out weak or frightened but then taking control of the situation, finding her inner strength and surviving by kicking some bad-guy ass! That was definitely what my character in Spirit Camp did. She found herself in a terrible situation, re-living some very painful scenarios from her past and she fights back. I felt like an action hero!

Nic – Your work in film seems to have stuck mainly to the horror/thriller genre. Do you have any interest in breaking out of that or would you like to become a Scream Queen?

Roxy – I’m interested in working on all types features and taking on all types of roles. Horror is fun and if I do nothing but horror films, I will definitely not complain. To work as an actress at all is an honor.

Nic – Why do you think horror movies are so popular?

Roxy – I think horror movies are so popular because people love being scared, and you can do so much in a horror film. You can incorporate humor, action, drama and suspense. Horror films are the total package.

Nic – When you’re not working in front of the camera as a model or an actress, what does Roxy Vandiver like to do for fun?

Roxy – When I’m not in front of the camera I like to dress like a rockstar and party all night with my friends, and then sleep for 14 hours straight. When I wake up, I’ll probably play on Facebook, watch some TV and cuddle my two dogs, LeeLoo and Violet. They’re both named after Milla Jovovich characters.


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