An Interview with Running Wild Films – By Kirsten Walsh

Looking at the line up for Running Wild Film’s current production, one would think that they are about to walk head first into a library- James Joyce, Edgar Allen Poe, and Kate Chopin stories abound! Director Travis Mills and playwright Gus Edwards joined together back in 2010 with the goal of creating a market of films by Arizona filmmakers, using Arizona talent, crew, and stories set there. All of the stories used in the 52 in 52 project are adapted by Mills for a modern Arizona timeframe. One of the biggest success stories involving the project would definitely be their incredible crowd funding campaign. Run through Kickstarter, Mills and Edwards were able to raise over $10,000 for the productions, and were able to make their campaign not only one to remember, but one to inspire filmmakers and their belief in the independent filmmaking community. With more than thirty short films (plus the 52 after the end of this year) and three feature films, Running Wild Films is truly running wild- all over the independent film scene. Check out the video interview with Mills as he lets us in on a few of his secrets!



Kirsten Walsh Interviews Running Wild Films. from Rogue Cinema on Vimeo.



Fall in love with Arizona while watching their cool trailer for the halfway point of the 52 in 52 project,
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