An Interview with Sarah Swofford – By Nic Brown

 Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis drew huge crowds. With guests like Danny Trejo and Doug Bradley, vendors from across the country and screenings of new horror films from Anchor Bay Entertainment one shouldn’t be surprised by the large turn out of fans. However, it wasn’t just the bigger stars that were drawing all the attention. Although relatively new to the business, actress, model, and voice artist Sarah Swofford spent the weekend meeting some of her fans and making new ones with her winning smile and personality. Sarah’s booth seemed to constantly draw a crowd. In fact, Sarah was so popular that she sold out of most of her DVDs on the first day. After having met her though, it was easy to see why; Sarah Swofford is a truly fun person to be around. Her infectious good nature carries to everything she does and that’s why it was a real pleasure to sit down and talk with this vibrant young actress about her film work, why she loves The Cover Up Girls, and the reason why we may one day hear her singing the blues (in a good way).  

*   *   *

Nic- Sarah, what brings you to the Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis?

Sarah- I’m an actress and I’m here to promote myself and my movies, to network, meet people, talk to fans, sign autographs; all that fun stuff!

Nic- It looks like you’ve been pretty busy so far this weekend. How’s the show been for you?

Sarah- Oh it’s been a lot of fun! I’ve had such a great response here in Indianapolis and I’ve met so many fantastic people. It’s a blast. I love it.

Nic- Now I understand that this isn’t your first convention. Is that right?

Sarah- That’s right, this is my (pauses and counts) fifth show.

Nic- Are you here to promote any one film in particular?

Sarah- I’m here promoting my new film Sugar Creek from director James Cotton. It was released last year by Vanguard Cinema. That’s not the only one though. I’m also talking about some films I’ve done in Austin including Fortune Teller and Demon Ward, both directed by Jeff Cooper. You can find out some more about those films at

 Nic- Can you tell us a little about your film Sugar Creek?

Sarah- Sure! Sugar Creek is a post Civil War period piece, supernatural thriller; in the vein of Sleepy Hollow.

Nic- What about your character, are you one of the “good guys” or the “bad guys”?

Sarah- (laughs) I’m one of the “good guys”. My character, Evelyn, is part of the back story for the main character and let’s just say that lots of bad things start happening to poor Evelyn (laughs).

Nic- I hear that you aren’t just a film actress; you also do a lot of voice over work too. Is that correct?

Sarah- Yep. I just started doing that this past year. I’ve worked with ADV Films, Funimation Entertainment, and I’ve also started working with a newer studio in Austin too.

Nic- Is it mostly animation that your doing voiceover work for?

Sarah- Yeah, it’s mostly Japanese animation. Although, I did just finished a job doing over-dubbing for a Korean action flick, but that’s been my only live action  project so far. The rest of my work has been Anime or children’s cartoons, things like that.

Nic- What are some of the projects you’re working on now?

Sarah- I’ve got some new voiceover projects coming up, so I’ll be working with Funimantion again. I’m also going to be doing a children’s cartoon in Austin. For movies, I have a couple of horror films I’m set to do. I’ll be working with Wicked Pixel Cinema in the Fall. Plus I’ll be doing more conventions too!

 Nic- Sarah, you’ve done a number of horror films. Are you a fan of the genre and if so what are some of your favorite films?

Sarah- This is always a tough question for me because to be perfectly honest, I’m a huge chicken! (laughs) I did really like the first Saw movie, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and some of the classics like The Creature From the Black Lagoon.    

Nic- Sarah, you’ve done a number of horror films. Would you want to be known as a "Scream Queen"?

Sarah- I love all types of films and I would love to have a full career in many genres. As much as I love the scary stuff, I don’t want to be typecast.

Nic- You live and primarily work in Texas. Do you feel that there are a lot of opportunities for you there as an actress?

Sarah- Well I am actually originally from Arkansas, but I’ve been in Texas for over a year and a half now. I love Austin and there’s a pretty strong independent film community out there so I feel like there are a lot of good opportunities for actors.

Nic- What would be your dream film role?

Sarah- That’s really tough. I like so many different types of movies, it’s hard to pick just one dream role! I think it would be fun to do something kind of epic and adventurous. Like Princess Buttercup in Princess Bride or Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Nic- Can you tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise people?

Sarah- I would love to be a blues singer. I’ve always been really passionate about music and especially blues. My dad and my Aunt got me hooked on Eric Clapton as a kid and his music just moved me. I’d love to be like Etta James or Nina Simone and I really hope that someday I will have the time to pursue that aspect of my career.

Nic- When you’re not acting or doing voice over work, what does Sarah Swofford do for fun?

Sarah- I’m kind of a dork. I like to read a lot and watch movies. I listen to a lot of music and dance around my living room, nothing too exciting. (laughs).

*   *   *