An Interview with Scott Goldberg – By Brian Morton

If you’re a fan of Rogue Cinema, then you’ve, no doubt, heard of Scott Goldberg. A New York filmmaker who’s best known for his award winning shorts, like Mr. Mullen and Loss of Hope.  Scott’s currently trying to raise money to make a feature length film called The Three. You can check out a concept short and get other info over at, but I thought it would be nice to let Scott tell us about this movie himself. So, I caught up with him and we talked about his latest vision.

* * *

BM – Thanks for taking the time Scott.

SG – Thank you.

BM – Tell us about The Three.

SG – The Three ( is a dark, cinematic feature length project which focuses on two characters whom are creating a scientific project in memory of their son who had perished in the war. The passion fuels them (as scientists) to create human replica soldiers to put in harms way rather than our own troops. The story then takes a dark and dramatic turn which we feel will create a dark and atmospheric horror film which horror fans that are striving for something new and unique, will enjoy.

BM – Your feelings about most current horror movies is pretty well known, but tell us what will be different about The Three?

SG – What I wanted to do with the screenplay of The Three was to make it original because too many horror films in the independent and mainstream realm focus on the same cliché aspects which bring nothing new to the horror genre. Rather than just having a straight up gore fest or monster movie, I wanted to focus on creating a new type of horror film, stripped clear of the mainstream ideas that continue to bring unoriginal and cliché horror films to the forefront of the genre. The screenplay follows its own format and steers clear of the traditional horror clichés. We focus on many different topics of importance and I feel we understand the right tone and where certain things fit to where they can be effective, unique and new.

BM – Your films always have a social commentary element to them, is it important that your films have a message?

SG – I used to think so. I mean, it really depends on the project and the filmmaker. There’s no written rule where someone has to make a film a certain way. When I had made the experimental short film Mr. Mullen, I was extremely angry at the political system and it aggravated me to the point where I wanted to make a movie to "wake people up". Currently I’m more focused on storytelling rather than a "wake people up" stance. I still don’t trust anything the government says, but with The Three I’d rather focus on storytelling and not really trying to alienate a specific type of audience. I feel that the film is all around a thought provoking project, but definitely not "in your face" like Mr. Mullen was. I feel as an artist and filmmaker you grow and break new ground by experiences in real life. It seems that there are a lot of people with political ideas, social ideas and concepts which people, even myself, can easily be suckered into believing where as things can really be much more simpler than being complicated. It really depends on what your truth is and what you believe in your heart. I feel following philosophical artists like Frank Zappa, Bill Hicks and Roger Waters can be a plus, but only as long as you understand that those are people’s opinions based on their lives and how they see things. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to be just like them or to believe their opinions, but to keep an open mind is important. I feel that’s how storytelling should be – thought provoking and original. Yes, you can be inspired, but to really speak with your own voice, you need to go through the trials and tribulations and experiences yourself. I feel it all pertains to art and finding your voice.

BM – The concept film at the web site is great, besides the look, what parts of the concept film will remain in the completed project?

SG – The conceptual short film was shot a year and a half ago or so and continued until early 2012. The story for the feature length screenplay reminded the same, but the screenplay delved much deeper into the in-depth aspect of characters and the story really grew with life after the short film concept was shot.

BM – How long do you think it will take to get the money together to finish the movie?

SG – The current fundraising goal of raising $250,000 is in place because we really want to bring a visual experience to the project based on the sets and locations that are needed. The dialogue is well thought out and isn’t your run of the mill dialogue which is what continues to movies of today… I felt that creating such dialogue would be a slap in the face to the audience. So while all that is in place, the only thing holding us back at this point is the lack of funds. I plan on making this movie on a limited budget if I have to, but that’s as a last resort. I feel we have a concept that can really intrigue people and I feel it’s time that more original independent dark cinema comes out to a bigger audience. You never know what’s going to happen as far as funding and when you’re going to get it. I believe it took Blue Valentine nearly a decade to finally get produced. I believe in this story and will continue to stick by its side until it’s either produced by donators, me or a studio.

BM – Once you get The Three made…and I know this is probably a long view…what’s next on Scott Goldberg’s agenda?

SG – As far as agenda with cinema, it’s definitely to create new and unique artistic projects. I always enjoy creating so it can possibly be collaborations, short film projects, music projects ( or just writing screenplays and stories. It all depends on where life takes me I suppose.

BM – Good luck and I can’t wait to see The Three.

SG – Thank you.

* * *

If you’d like to donate and become part of this cinematic event, then head over to and see the concept short, and other behind the scenes features about the preproduction of The Three, and you can see how you can participate and become part of this cinematic event yourself. If looks great, it’s a great concept and Scott always makes thought provoking and interesting movies. We here at Rogue Cinema wish him luck and will keep all of you informed as to the progress of The Three!