An Interview with Steve Hudgins – By Brian Morton

I can honestly count on one hand filmmakers I really look forward to seeing new films from and Steve Hudgins and his Big Biting Pig Productions is at the top of that list. This Western Kentucky filmmaker has managed, in a short amount of time, to put out a body of work that’s one of the best in the country. From their first, Maniac On The Loose, through the most current, Spirit Stalkers, Big Biting Pig has managed to make each film better than the last, while maintaining a very cool way of making each movie a bit of a twist…think M. Night Shyamalan except you can’t figure the twist out before the first 20 minutes of the film are done! Well, since I enjoyed Spirit Stalkers so much, I really wanted to touch base with Steve again to see how he does it all!

* * *

BM – Thanks for taking the time, Steve.

SH – Thank you.

BM – Spirit Stalkers is a wonderful riff on the current ‘reality haunted house’ genre. Are you a fan?

SH – I do enjoy some of the paranormal investigation shows, quite a bit. But I thought it was very important for the Spirit Stalkers team to be a contrast to most of the teams you see in those types of TV shows. Their basic attitude, especially the attitude of their leader is completely different than most of the ones you see on television.

BM – Looking back at BBP’s body of work (so far), I notice that you really haven’t any type of movie more than once. Whether it’s a haunted house movie, or a killer doll movie or a zombie movie, would you ever go back and revisit any of these sub-genres again?

SH – Absolutely! PJ Woodside is my creative partner and between the two of us we just have a ton of different ideas, so we’ve explored many different sub genres, but we definitely wouldn’t have a problem with revisiting a sub genre that we’ve already taken on. However, we’d likely take it on from a much different perspective from any previous one we’ve done.

BM – BBP’s movies tend to head toward a ‘twist’ ending. Is it getting harder as you go to try to keep that bar high with your films?

SH – Not at all. I don’t think either PJ or I really go into the script process with "twists" on our mind. It’s usually just an option that naturally presents itself. So, that being the case, it’s not really something we have to "work at".

BM – I notice on the web site,, that your next movie is called Lucid. What can you tell us about that one?

SH – It’s a story that follows a young woman who fears that her nightmares may be spilling over into her real life. Bill Johnson who played "Leatherface" in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 plays a part in this movie! We’re pretty excited about it, it’s looking great! You can follow the progress of the movie on our facebook page:

BM – As you continue to make movies from Western Kentucky, and become better known in the indie community, is it easier to get movies made?

SH – Actually, we’ve never really had any problems getting movies made to begin with. But for our last two movies there has been a gigantic increase in applicants when we have open auditions for some parts. People now audition for our movies from all over the country. The entire cast of our next movie "Lucid" is made up of actors from at least 6 different states.

BM – Okay, all things being equal and with six movies under your belt and a seventh in production, which movie is your personal favorite?

SH – In my opinion, our last movie SPIRIT STALKERS is definitely our best movie yet. If you haven’t seen it yet, visit our website: to get yourself a copy!

BM – Being a writer/director/producer, which part of the film making process do you enjoy the most?

SH – That’s a very good question. And you can add acting to the mix too since with the exception of writing, I’ve been doing that longer than anything else! It’s all really close, but acting, probably is the most enjoyable for me out of everything, but I really do love something about every aspect of it.

BM – As something of a veteran of the indie scene, what advice would you give someone who’s looking to start making their own movie?

SH – Toss aside the million and one reasons why you aren’t making your movie and find a way to do it. Make your movie.

BM – Great advice. Thanks, Steve.

SH – Thank you.

* * *

Steve and Big Biting Pig Productions’ movies are some of the best out there, if you haven’t seen Spirit Stalkers…or any of them…then do yourself a favor and head over to and grab one, any of them really, in my opinion, you WON’T be disappointed! Speaking on behalf of everyone here at Rogue Cinema, I can’t wait to see Lucid…and to rewatch Spirit Stalker too! We wish Steve, PJ and their crew all the best and look forward to seeing what they come up with next!