An Interview with the Crew of The Chronicles of Alexander Hawthorne – By Kirsten Walsh

A few years ago, Franklin Ritch was spending his time in behind a school desk, but now- he spends it behind a camera. A young, fresh face to the independent filmmaking scene, Ritch has put together an incredibly talented group of actors and crew to produce “The Chronicles of Alexander Hawthorne”- a web series. The five part series follows Alexander around as he hunts for the supernatural killer of his best friend’s father- with the help of Truth. Truth, an Aeon (an excellent term for the supernatural heroes and villains of the series), oversees Alexander as a mentor, guiding him in the right direction.

Shot entirely in the sprawled out city of Jacksonville, Florida, and utilizing the beauty and hidden gems of the city, the filmmakers definitely have their work cut out for them. With supernatural effects- did I mention how cool the levitation looked!- and choreographed fights, the production value of this series looks incredible- and that’s only one episode in! With over fifteen hundred subscribers (as of print time), and over Eight thousand views of the first episode, these filmmakers aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Joining me in this interview, hear stories about production from director Franklin Rich, production manager and actress Kristen Walsh, and lead actor Cameron Henderson! 



Kirsten Walsh Interviews the Crew of The Chronicles of Alexander Hawthorne. from Rogue Cinema on Vimeo.



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