An Interview with Victoria De Mare – By Nic Brown

The crowd at Dark Delicacies Collectables in Burbank California was thick. Seated at a long table between the rows of horror and gothic collectables, books and movies were the stars and creators of the new zombie horror/comedy GEORGE: A ZOMBIE INTERVENTION. Among those seated – Victoria De Mare. The actress, vocalist, model and dancer had a supporting role in the film, yet she seemed to draw as much attention as the stars. Not surprising to B Movie Man Nic Brown. I had the chance to interview Victoria not long after the release of one of my favorite B movies: WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON and Victoria proved to be as charming with the fans as she was during our first interview.

When the crowd thinned out briefly, I had the opportunity to steal a bit of Victoria’s attention and was immediately impressed with all the projects she eagerly told me about. With several movies set for release, numerous film projects in production and a new album, I was amazed she even had time to breathe, let alone sign autographs for fans. But Victoria is not your typical Hollywood beauty; she’s a dedicated artist who loves her work and she talked with me about some of her new movies, her music and her somewhat surprising fame in India!

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Nic – You’ve been a busy lady since we last talked. You have a number of projects that have recently been released and even more coming out in the next year. What are some of the films we can look forward to seeing you in?

Victoria –  Yes, I try to stay as busy as possible.  My current releases  include the internet thriller ‘Strangers Online’, which  played theatrically in June in L.A. and Pasadena, and is now available on DVD; sci fi/action/adventure ‘Aliens Vs. Avatars’, which played  theatrically  throughout the summer in multiplexes across India, and is  now available on DVD; and horror/comedy GEORGE: A ZOMBIE INTERVENTION (aka GEORGE’S INTERVENTION) now available on DVD.  Upcoming releases include the sci fi/thriller ‘Bio Slime’ and musical comedy  EMMANUELLE IN WONDERLAND. And, next year, the highly anticipated KILLJOY 4 will be released as well.

Nic – ALIENS VS AVATARS was released theatrically across India in multiplexes. That’s fantastic! How does it feel to be famous in India?

Victoria –  I couldn’t believe it when the filmmaker sent me the links to the theaters’ screening schedules. It feels amazing!  India is a major foreign market.  I am so glad they love sci fi/action films there  as much as I do! 🙂

Nic – Some of your roles, like the one in BIO SLIME required a lot of special effects make-up; do you find that aspect of acting difficult?

Victoria –  I love to get all "painted up"! It adds a whole other dimension to your character physically that you become super aware of and actually thank your lucky stars that you’ve had the opportunity because, for me, it made me more of a physical actor without the makeup, as well.  The hours of transformation can be intense, but I am always so happy to be there, that I embrace the time and use it as part of my preparation.  As long as I can play the NATURAL BORN KILLERS soundtrack over and over again in my dressing room as the makeup department paints me down, I’m cool with it. 🙂

Nic – Which of the characters you’ve played do you think was the most challenging for you?

Victoria –  My most challenging character to  date was "Batty Boop" in KILLJOY 3 (aka KILLJOY’S REVENGE).  Everything  including her sound and her  every move were important  in defining "Batty".  It was the only character I’ve played  so far  that I was so  nervous to perform that I puked my guts out the morning of my first day on set! 🙂

Nic – Batty was your most challenging character, but who has been your favorite one to play?

Victoria –  Ahhh…my favorite one to play has not yet been released, and unfortunately, I am not able to disclose any information about the project at this time, but what I can say about the character is that I play a teenager (yessss!) who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 🙂  And "Batty" was also most definitely my second favorite role to play to date.  I also truly loved playing "Mary" in John Lechago’s BIO SLIME and "Sarah Ragdale" in WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON. 🙂

Nic – In addition to your talents as an actress, you are an accomplished vocalist and musician. Tell us a little about this aspect of your career?

Victoria –  Yes, I am also a professional vocalist, composer, lyricist, music producer & publisher.  Singing has always had an extremely special place in my heart.  My dad was a  "doo-wop" singer in the  late 50s~early 60s.  My earliest memory of  music was watching him and my uncle get out their acoustic guitars and sing while playing.  That blew my mind.  My career in music was always  on the bottom  of the list  of my skills, due to the fact that I would, unfortunately, only perform on a part time  basis  a couple of times a year in live shows as a  featured singer and/or back-up singer/dancer, etc.  It wasn’t until about  two  and a half  going on three years ago  that I started getting consistent  opportunities to record as a lead vocalist/harmony session singer for many  different indie labels.  And, it wasn’t until last year that my first solo album was recorded and released.  Now, I am thrilled about the new material on my new album in production as we speak.  I have poured my heart and soul into this one, and I am extremely proud of it.  Everyone can look forward to checking it out early next year 2012.

Nic – It’s obvious that music is an important part of your life. Who are some of your favorite artists and who would you like most to work with?

Victoria –  Music will always have a very special place in my heart because I can truly feel my heart "singing" when I sing, and to be doing that to my own songs is better than a dream come true.  Some of my favorite artists musically include Karen Carpenter, Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline, Led Zepplin, Chris Cornell, Chris Isaak, Disturbed, Juliette Lewis, and Joaquin Phoenix.  Unfortunately, some of those artists I can never meet or work with, but I’d love to  tour and open for  Chris Isaak and  Juliette Lewis some day soon. 🙂

Nic – The movie and the music industry are both undergoing a lot of changes with the rise of the internet and other technologies for content delivery. What are your thoughts on where both of these industries are going and is it an opportunity or a threat for talents such as yourself?

Victoria –  Yes, the entire entertainment industry is changing.  But, I think it is a good thing.  Change is inevitable and it is nothing to fear.  We have to embrace what technology brings us and utilize the benefits of what it has to offer in every way.  I think it is a great thing for artists.  You don’t have to wait any longer for distribution of your film or series or to be signed  to a record label.  You can put yourself out there on your own now for the world to see and/or hear you without waiting for anyone else to put you out there.

Nic – As an actress you’ve been involved in quite a few horror films, but are you a fan of the genre? Also, why do you think horror is such a popular theme?

Victoria –  I am most certainly  a fan of  the horror genre.  It has always been my favorite genre of film since I was a kid.  The horror/sci fi/fantasy/adventure category of film  is the most popular genre of film worldwide next to comedy.  I think that remains so because people love to be  scared and exhilarated  the most next to laughing, when they are being entertained watching a movie.  I know I do! 🙂

Nic – The horror genre is popular and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head for some of the reasons why. However, horror is sometimes criticized for its violence and its portrayal of women. Do you have any thoughts on that aspect?

Victoria –  I think some of the reasons why it is the most popular genre are the violence and women! 🙂  People watch  these films  for the scare and outlandish, psychotic moments of violence, as well as the typically very attractive, scantily-clad women.  It is a basic formula that has stuck because it sells.  And, I have personally found more and more roles for women over the years  in this predictable genre to be  evolving into the killer and the one to fear in the story, and not the victim at all.  "Batty" will carry a ‘Tommy Gun’ machine gun in KILLJOY 4, and I can’t frickin’ wait for that!!! 🙂

Nic – Now for the lightning round, and remember your answers count for double points:

-Zombies, fast or slow?
-Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers- Marry, Date, dump?
-Vampires or Werewolves?
-Favorite movie monster?
-Best horror film of 2011?
Victoria –  Oooo…Awesome!

-Fast Zombies! 🙂
-Oh, I’d much rather kill Jason, Freddy, & Michael Myers than marry, date, or dump any of them! 🙂
-Werewolves, darling, Werewolves. 🙂
-Me, as the ‘monster/creature’ in BIO SLIME. 🙂
-KILLJOY 3 because it  has just the right amount of scary, funny, & sexy! 🙂

*   *   *

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