An Interview with Victoria De Mare – By Nic Brown

A beautiful, red haired woman stands chained before a group of leering men. In most circumstances the woman would be in serious trouble. However, the wild look in her eyes and the blood dripping from her mouth tell another story, and soon her captors learn that they’re the ones about to meet an unpleasant end. Of course this isn’t at all surprising when the woman in question is actress Victoria De Mare and she’s playing the lead in the cult horror hit WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON.

De Mare has a reputation for playing tough, sexy characters like this one and she does it so well that she’s been called “Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen,”  But don’t think her talents end when the director yells “cut”. Professional dancer, published writer, film producer and model are just some of the hats that De Mare wears. Now she’s taking a break from working on development of her new film DEATH BY KISSES to talk with B-Movie Man Nic Brown about her newest projects, her passion for acting and why she’s happiest when she’s on the set.

*   *   *

 Nic – Victoria, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got your start in acting?

Victoria – I started performing as a child at the age of six, as a dancer before I even ever had any training.  I starred in my first thriller that was a short film at the age of 13.  I guess I was born knowing from the very beginning how I wanted to spend my life.
Nic – You have been an extremely prolific filmmaker over the last few years. What are some of your favorite roles that you’ve played?

Victoria – Wow! Interesting, and thank you.  I don’t consider myself a film maker, but an actor playing in these films guided by the film maker’s vision.  I do believe that I have had the immense benefit of working with some very prolific film makers.  I love every character I play.  If I didn’t love them, then I wouldn’t play them.  A few of my most favorite characters I’ve played so far have been Cienega in AZIRA: BLOOD FROM THE SAND, Sara Ragdale in WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON, Miriam in DEADLY BELOVED, Melissa in THE VIDEO DIARY OF NICKY VALETTI & ADAM GREELEY, and Mary in BIO SLIME.
Nic – I really enjoyed watching WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON and since you mentioned Sara Ragdale one of your favorite characters, I’d like to ask what it was that you liked about that role?

Victoria – Wow, thank you very much!  I really appreciate that.  Yes, Sarah Ragdale is definitely one of my favorites.  I loved her because she embodied a special combination of innocence and strength trying to survive in the most extreme circumstances.  She was constantly mis-judged and underestimated, yet she stayed true to her intentions.

 Nic – In addition to your work in film, I understand that you are an accomplished artist in a number of other fields. Can you tell us a little about that part of your career?

Victoria – Yes, thank you. I am also a professional dancer.  I have made a living as a dancer most of my life.  I am a former member of the Joffrey Ballet and Wilmington Ballet Companies.  I also am a former Guest Artist performer for the St. Croix Ballet Company in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  I was a series regular dancer on the 2007 season of NBC Telemundo’s hit show DESCONTROL.  I am still dancing, of course, and am currently a member of the ballet-based contemporary jazz Hart Pulse Dance Company in Los Angeles, CA.  I am a professional swimsuit, lingerie, lifestyle & editorial as well as a parts model.  I am also a published poet and am working on my first compilation book of poems, short stories, and monologues I have written to be published titled IN BETWEEN.  And, I am currently producing an episodic talk show, THE CHAT CAFE on the SKY Channel, that I also co-host, as well as producing a feature film that I also starred in.  The voiceover work I do I kind of add in to my skill and work as an actor.

Nic – Victoria, you said that you’re producing a film. Do you plan to do more work behind the camera such as writing or directing in addition to producing films in the future?

Victoria – The only position behind the camera I ever had an interest in pursuing is producing.  I currently in post-production with a feature film I starred in that I am also producing titled LOVING GRAM PARSONS.  There are two more feature films I will produce that I know of for sure, one of which is currently on my slate in development titled DEATH BY KISSES.  The only writing I have ever had an interest in has been my poetry, short stories, and monologues.  I don’t have an interest in writing screenplays.  And, I had never had an interest in directing either, until recently when asked to consider possibly directing a short film by a colleague of mine, Douglas Neff.  But of course, I will always work in front of the camera first and foremost.  I am a performing artist – actor and dancer by trade.  The other capacities are just an expansion of my desire to create my own projects, collaborating with a team of the other essential artists of their trades that are necessary in creating a film and at the same time always working in front of the camera.  

Nic – You’ve been called "Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen." What do you believe it takes to be a successful Scream Queen?

Victoria – Ah, yes, I began to be called "Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen" in 2006 and I still am as such, with articles still being published about me with that wonderful title I hold close to my heart.  I believe what it takes to be a successful Scream Queen is to keep working and always leave them wanting more.
 Nic – Much of your film work has been in the horror genre, and you obviously don’t mind the "Scream Queen" title. So what is it that you like about working in horror films?

Victoria – I think the "Scream Queen" title is an honor to be deemed as such amongst so many memorable actresses of the horror genre.  I love working in horror films because I love horror, thriller, sci-fi, adventure stories, and they are my favorite genre of films to watch.  I would say dark dramas and biopics would be my second favorite.

Nic – If you had the opportunity to play any character in any film, who would you like to play and why?

Victoria – I am assuming you mean a character in an existing film, so I would say it is a toss up between two – Linda Blair’s character Regan in THE EXORCIST and Juliette Lewis’ character Mallory Knox in NATURAL BORN KILLERS.  As far as a character in a non-existing film, I would say a character based on a real life person in a biopic.

Nic – You like sci-fi, horror and thriller films. What are some of your favorite films from these genres?


Nic – Victoria, you’ve said that you would be interested in playing a real life person in a biopic. Who are some of the people that you’d be interested in playing?

Victoria – Monroe, Karen Carpenter, and possibly Rita Hayworth.

Nic – When you’re not acting, producing, dancing, or writing, what does Victoria De Mare like to do for fun?

Victoria – I am truly happiest and having the most fun when I am working. 🙂