And Soon the Darkness (2010) – By Brian Morton

The world is a dangerous place…at least, that’s how the movies make it seem, and the movies haven’t lied to me yet! So, the new movie from Anchor Bay, And Soon the Darkness, doesn’t make me feel much better about things!

Ellie and Stephanie are on a tour across South America, when they decide to break away from their tour group to do some cycling on their own. They find themselves in a small village and decide to party. The next day, after missing their bus to their next stop, they decide to do a little sun bathing, have an argument and separate. Soon, Stephanie is missing and Ellie is left looking for her friend, with the local authorities seeming not to care. The only friend that Ellie seems to have is Michael (Karl Urban), who’s also looking for his missing girlfriend. Can they find the missing girls? And who’s behind it all? It’s a mystery that will have you near the edge of your seat! And I say near the edge, because And Soon the Darkness doesn’t really break any new ground…but doesn’t really make you sorry to travel the same path either.

The three principles are good, Amber Heard as Stephanie is your typical ‘good girl’ who’s more interested in the local culture than anything else. Odette Yustman as Ellie is the opposite of Stephanie, she’s the ‘wild girl’, and Karl Urban is here in the typical ‘nice guy who might not be so nice’ role. The real problem I had with And Soon the Darkness was that I wasn’t really surprised by anything, the bad guys are all pretty identifiable, you know which girl is going to ‘go wrong’ and the ending is fairly typical.

I’m giving And Soon the Darkness 3 out of 4 cigars; it’s not new ground, but its ground that I didn’t mind traveling again. Travel the ground yourself by heading over to