Angelic Wolves (2015) – By Philip Smolen


Eve (Anna Crysell) is a young woman who loves to go for long walks in the nearby woods. One day during one of her walks, she meets Johnny (Braeden Baade), a strange young man who seems troubled. He engages Eve in conversation as they walk through the woods. Johnny reveals to Eve that he is a werewolf and it’s his calling to protect the forest they’re in. Johnny does that later on, when a young masked punk tries to set the forest on fire. Johnny decides to set him straight (by removing his hands). But when they meet later, Eve notices the blood on Johnny’s arms and becomes frightened. She begins to think that Johnny may be more of a beast than he’s willing to admit.

“Angelic Wolves” is a new internet TV series from Dark Libra Films and from what I can discover, it looks like it’s going to have a five episode run. Its premise seems to be that werewolves are actually angelic-like creatures whose main job is to protect nature from humankind. They are not bloodthirsty creatures who will kill the ones that they love as we believed. Well, so much for the words of Maria Ouspenskaya.

Admittedly, it’s very tough for the first episode of a series (the episode I watched was only 25 minutes long) to get things going. It has to set up the premise, introduce all of the characters and get the plot moving. And while this episode does get the first two parts down pat, the plot is, unfortunately, left dangling. Much of it consists of Eve and Johnny walking through the woods sharing philosophical thoughts. That is just not that interesting and the film suffers accordingly.

Werewolves are a horror movie staple that never seem to go out of style. However, werewolf movies need to be as exciting as visceral as the werewolves themselves. “Angelic Werewolves” has an interesting premise, but fails to actually go anywhere. While the series might still take off, this initial episode left me wanting more. Note: no writer, producer or director is credited in the film.

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