Ann (2009) – By Matthew Saliba

A couple months back, I had the chance to review "The Companion," a lovely and subtle exploration of the sexuality of geriatrics by filmmaker Oisin Mac Coille. This month, I get to review two more films by the gentlemen, the first of which being, "Ann," made a year before "The Companion."

This is a story of two couples (Sean & Pamela and Lisa & Myles) and how an affair between Sean (Patrick Curley) and Lisa (Maria Anastacia Keogh) leads to the tragic fate of Ann, Sean’s daughter.

For some reason, this film didn’t quite resonate with me as much as "The Companion" did. With the exception of the final scene, which does pack quite a punch, the rest of the film had a certain aloofness to it that made it hard for me to get emotionally involved with what was happening.

The use of color and black-and-white was cliche and the color correction in the black-and-white sequences were very dark and murky and could’ve done with a lot more tweaking. There were also numerous instances in the sound mix where there were abrupt changes made all the more evident by a lack of room tone to cover up these flaws.

If you’re looking to get into the work of a filmmaker who prides himself on subtlety and nuanced performances, you’re better off sticking with "The Companion." But if you’re a completest like I am, check out "Ann" online at: