Anna (2011) – By Philip Smolen

Anna is an eight minute short film by Daniel Brown for Team 2.40:1 Productions and Wide Eyed Pictures. It tells the story of Anna (Amanda Colianni), a woman in her mid 30s who is tired of being dumped on. In front of her mirror she makes a violent vow to change her ways and sets out to make that happen. But in order to start fresh, she’ll need to confront several bullies in her life, including an obnoxious construction worker, her shrewish boss and a would-be mugger. She’ll also need to express her true feelings to a co-worker.

There is a universal appeal in Anna. Who among us has not wanted to take total control of every area of life? Daniel Brown gives this simple story a sharp and linear focus. He pulls no punches with his narrative and tells his tale elegantly and powerfully. After the opening scene it’s enjoyable to witness Anna’s transformation. Brown also successfully keeps you guessing until the end. He packs a lot into a mere eight minutes.

Amanda Colianni is wonderful and totally compelling as Anna. At first, her emotions are all tightly coiled inside of her as she gazes at herself in the mirror, not liking what she sees. Then she explodes over the failures in her life and goes about righting the wrongs. She becomes powerful, feisty, determined and sexy. Anna is an eight-minute wonder and a triumph for small cinema.

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