Antisocial (2014) – By Misty Layne

Dudes, this movie is pretty wicked sweet. I’m not saying it doesn’t have its issues or that there aren’t any problems whatsoever but overall I love the concept happening here and the way it played out. Plus the last five minutes are freaking beautiful. Just beautiful.

So our film starts with two teen girls doing a vlog about new clothes they’ve bought when suddenly one girl starts crying and gets a nosebleed. She goes to the bathroom while her other friend tries to console her. Suddenly nosebleed girl goes batshit cray and starts trying to attack her friend so friend ends up beating her to death with what looks to be a telephone. She then goes back to her vlog, drenched in blood and starts begging for help.

Then we move on to our main girl whose boyfriend breaks up with her via video chat on something called the Social Red Room. Essentially this is Facebook but more for hooking up and stuff – think early MySpace – and includes the ability to video chat within the app and post pretty much anything you want with just a simple click via their phone app. Girl is sadsies but since it’s New Year’s Eve she decides to swing by her guy bff’s party. It’s a small deal with only four other people there but it’s enough. Because guess what? It’s not just vlog girl who’s having problems with homicidal friends – turns out there’s an insane epidemic sweeping the world.

What I really love about this film about the dangers of too much time online and not connecting enough in real life is the use of social media throughout. Not only does the Social Red Room feature in heavily but throughout the film one guy is consistently video chatting with his good friend and getting sent videos and links as an update to what’s happening outside the party’s abode. The way it’s done is seamless and just so spot on about how so many people live their lives always connected via phone or laptop. I also am a fan of the gore here. It’s not gratuitous but when it’s used, it’s used to excellence.

There are a couple of dodgy moments acting wise and the story does get a bit dull in the middle. And there’s also the usual couple of moments that don’t make sense (like if that guy’s hands are covered in blood and he touches a white doorway, shouldn’t he leave red? No? Okay…) but overall, the film works and most importantly it’s FUN.

So if you’re a fan of horror and you’re looking for something that has a bit of a new vibe, definitely check out “Antisocial”. You can learn more by visiting Breaking Glass Pictures, the film’s IMDB or their Facebook page.