Archangel’s Fall (2005) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes it’s interesting to see a filmmaker’s journey. No, I don’t mean the making of a movie, I mean the progression of their talent and abilities from movie to movie. You can sort of see it with the movies of Steven Speilberg, from Duel through Jaws and into the more recent Saving Private Ryan. And while this is interesting, you also have to keep in mind that this is Spielberg with a budget and tons of resources. It’s even more interesting to see that same progression in someone who doesn’t have those kind of resources.

I just got a DVD that shows that progression and it’s pretty interesting. The Archangel’s Fall double DVD, features three movies from young filmmaker Steve Rudzinski. The DVD has three movies on it, Complete Darkness, Complete Darkness 2: Shadow Of Darkness and the (filmed last) prequel Archangel’s Fall. The basic story here is about Paris. Paris has powers given to him by God, but the problem is that God has also allowed his sister to die, so Paris is angry and wants revenge on God.

Both Complete Darkness and its sequel are really short on story and acting and long of fight scene that are, frankly, a bit amateurish. While they provide the story, it’s not clear exactly what’s going on sometimes. They both seem more like a group of friends having fun with a camera than a movie. While the sequel is superior to the original, it’s still a matter of inches not miles between them.

In Archangel’s Fall the first in the trilogy and the most recent filmed, you can see the progress that Mr. Rudzinski has made. The film flows better, both writing and acting is stronger, it’s just a better overall movie and it’s well worth the time to see these movies, if only from this point of view. The use of sound, editing, special effects, everything is light-years advanced between Archangel’s Fall and it’s two sequels, in fact, it makes you wish that Steve would sit down, do a bit of a re-write and re-do these two

It’s called Archangel’s Fall and the double DVD set is worth taking a look at, if only to see how as Steve puts it, ‘how far he’s come as a film-maker’ and to see ‘independent no budget film-making at it’s finest’. If you’re interested in filmmaking in any form, from making your own movie to just watching them, Archangel’s Fall is worth watching, it’s not only entertaining, but also informative. You can check it out for yourself at If you’re a filmmaker or just a film-watcher, it’s worth your time. So, until the next time when I’ll show you my progression from couch potato to full blown couch vegetable garden, remember, the best movies are bad movies!