Argyle (2011) – By Brian Morton

Small towns are a very different kind of a place. Everyone knows everyone, your business is always public business and when there’s a scandal the town all bands together to keep it a secret. Well, in the new movie from Dial Tone Pictures, Argyle, a small town fights to keep itself from becoming known as the home of an infamous serial killer….but that’s not the whole story here.

Charlie is a documentarian, he’s just finished a doc that he’s particularly proud of and is excited to hear that a famous doc maker is interested in his work. When this controversial filmmaker calls Charlie, he asks Charlie to go back to his hometown of Argyle and film a portion of a movie about serial killers. It seems that a notorious serial killer was born and bred in Argyle and its Charlie’s job to go back and make a short film about the origins of this monster. The problem is that no one in Charlie’s hometown remembers him…except his parents and his best friend, the town is rallied against him making any movies about this town embarrassment and, finally, he’s been saddled with a boom operator who not only doesn’t want to be there, but is actively agitating the townspeople!

Argyle is the first in a proposed mini-series, and I really hope to see more of this. The acting is very good, the story is good and I really liked the characters, Charlie is very home-spun and down to earth and his friend, Max, has the potential to be a very, very funny character! I’d love to see more from small town Argyle. I’m giving Argyle 3 ½ out of 4 cigars, and it lost that ½ a cigar for being too short for my tastes…I really wanted a bit more. You can visit small town Argyle for yourself by heading over to