…Around (2008) – By Brian Morton

 Indie filmmakers must have it pretty tough, and it’s something I never really thought about. Coming up with original stories and original ways to tell them must be getting harder and harder, and it’s only a few filmmakers that actually don’t tread over ground that’s already been covered. But, when one does, it’s usually something pretty special, and that’s what’s happened in David Spaltro’s new movie, …Around.

…Around is the story of Doyle, a young man who, coming from a broken home, develops a persona that keeps people from getting too close to him. Now, it’s not just a broken home, its way deeper than that, and it’s much too deep to get into in a simple review, but that gives you an idea. As Doyle gets older, he wants to head to New York to become a filmmaker, to tell stories. When he arrives in the city he discovers that it’s not as easy or as clear cut as he imagined.

Now, to tell you that this is a straight drama or a straight comedy would be selling this movie way short. This is a movie that’s a lot like life, it’s sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes bittersweet, but it’s always watchable and riveting. We really want to see Doyle succeed despite himself, and when the ending isn’t what I expected, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed…but isn’t life full of those?

…Around is maybe the first movie I’ve seen that captures an actual slice of life, Doyle is well drawn and a fully formed character, and actor Rob Evans portrays him so well that I was convinced that I could actually run into Doyle on the streets of New York. …Around is a tale of life that, for once, actually gives us a picture of life that feels real and I credit not only David Spaltro, but each and every one of the actors in the film! You can find out more about …Around by heading over to the …Around MySpace page, it’s a movie that’s well worth your time. So, until next time, when I’ll be attempting to live my real life…which, let me tell you, is horribly boring…remember that the best movies are bad movies.