Art of the Bag: A Speed Bag Story (2013) – By Brian Morton

It’s a health conscious society we’re living in. If you can go an hour watching TV or listening to the radio without hearing something about diet and exercise, then I’d like to know where you live! And, in general, exercise can be a solitary and, let’s be honest, boring thing to do, but, if you’ve ever participated in any boxing, then you know that it can be fun! That’s what a new doc, Art of the Bag: A Speed Bag Story is about, how working the speed bag is, not only good for you, but can open a whole world of fun to you.

The story begins with the beginning of the speed bag itself, from how it was invented, to how it was used in the 1900s as an exercise and entertainment tool, it’s a part of history that I knew nothing about and was pretty interesting. And it all leads us to the ‘Speed Bag Bible’ written by a man known as the ‘Speed Bag King’, who has passed down his way of working the speed bag to so many people that it’s become it’s own small industry with people working the speed bag ‘bible style’. There’s even a metal drummer who uses the speed bag on stage as an instrument!

It’s a fascinating story and one that will make you want to head down to the sporting goods store and get yourself set up to join in! I’m giving Art of the Bag 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s a terrific glimpse into an art form and a small segment of society that we don’t really hear anything about! You can find out more for yourself by heading over to