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Film Reviews: Cookies & Cream (2009) - By Josh Samford
Posted on Wednesday, April 01, 2009 @ 20:25:09 Mountain Daylight Time by Duane

 At first when reading the few blurbs I did about Cookies & Cream, I really had no idea what to expect. However, the first few minutes kind of set the tone for the entire film. Look, I won't lie, I have at times taken a look at some sites on the internet that I suppose my mother wouldn't be too proud of. I, like many others, have been witness to a certain series of videos that will go unnamed that feature men in a van riding around looking for women to pick up, have intercourse with and then ditch on the side of the road much to the delight of junior high kids who think such actions are just downright hilarious. Well, that whole gonzo style of pornography is duplicated in the opening sequence for this film and we are shown the inner workings for such productions - which is to say things going on behind the scenes are a lot less offensive to women than we might imagine them being. This is where Cookies & Cream takes off. It is a tale about the pornography industry and essentially how it reflects upon the love lives of its performers. However, if you expect a seering indictment of the entire industry this film will leave you a bit disappointment. The majority of the time invested is spent solely on the love life of our leading lady.

The story focuses on Carmen, an adult film actress. Carmen's life isn't what one might expect from someone in the industry. She has a daughter, does not have a premiscuous sex life and rarely parties. However, like many women, she is looking for someone to care for her. She keeps looking but coming up short as so many guys seem interested in her for all the wrong reasons. She hooks up with Johnathan at the beginning of our film, who knows full and well what she does for a living but continually looks to press her into doing things she doesn't want to do. He expects sex from her early on in the relationship due to what he has seen from her in the movies, and after one night of pulling a guilt trip on her for not putting out - Carmen finds a videocamera set opposite the couch set to record. Carmen walks out of his life forever, and it isn't long before she finds someone else. He's an incredibly nice (albeit a little square) guy who seems to genuinely care for her and doesn't push himself on her - but Carmen finds it hard to break through and tell him just what she does for a living. Will Carmen go through with it, and what will his reaction be?

Generally when it comes to the porn industry you'll find two lines of thinking. There are those who call for the heads of those making it, as they dehumanize women and are full of nothing but persons with unchecked baggage. Then there are those who swear up and down that it's all glamour, all the girls are happy (because if they weren't, why would they be doing it?) and anyone who complains is just attention starved hypocrites. I think there's a line somewhere down the center, but my personal opinion probably doesn't matter. What is intriguing about Cookies & Cream however is that it really doesn't pick a side. At times it does show this adult cinema life to be at least somewhat glamorous, at others it just seems as if it's an ordinary job but in the end I suppose the point is that no matter the situation - it is going to take a toll on you. Whether your love life or being all but raped for the camera, it seems like a tough industry to be a part of and Cookies & Cream shows this side of things. Full of fantastic performances from everyone in the cast, a magnificent musical score that creates something dynamic and dramatic from out of nowhere and a very strikingly visual film. It is a very elborate and poignant look at love that doesn't offer a lot of answers for its questions but it does stay in your mind well after seeing it.

I do recommend the film and thought it was a very emotional film and for those interested in the "industry", it does offer a vantage point not often shown in cinema with pornography itself as an afterthought and simply the stigma of being a "porn actress" and what that means for the women involved. You can read more about the film at Cookies & Cream and I recommend that you do. It's an intriguing watch with subject matter bound to reach many.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 @ 20:25:09 Mountain Daylight Time Film Reviews |
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