Article Submission & Style Guide

· I like to write, can I submit stuff I’ve written to Rogue Cinema and have it published?

Yes you can! Rogue Cinema is always happy to receive review, article and interview submissions. The only stipulation is that you can’t be associated with the person who made the film if you’re doing a review. We don’t want “buddy” reviews. If you have a friend who made a film and wants it reviewed, have them contact us and we’ll set it up with one of our writers who’s not affiliated with the film maker in any way. This policy is intended purely maintain the integrity of the reviews you see here on Rogue Cinema.

· If I write for Rogue Cinema, do I have to commit to writing something for each issue?

No. Although we’d love to have more writers who write for us on a monthly basis in a “staff writer” capacity, it’s not necessary to commit yourself to that. We’re always happy to get the “every so often” submissions too.

· What kind of material are you looking for?

Basically, if you look at what’s been done previously, that’s the kind of stuff we’re looking for. We’re interested in pretty much anything that doesn’t involve big budget Hollywood type movies (unless it’s a genre film – horror, sci-fi, etc…). Actor profiles, interviews and movie reviews are always welcome along with anything else you can come up with. We’re really open about what we’ll accept and publish.

· If I submit something, does it become the property of Rogue Cinema?

Anything you submit to Rogue Cinema is the sole and exclusive property of the author.  By making the submission, you are giving Rogue Cinema the non-exclusive right to use and publish the material in perpetuity. When you submit material to us for publication, you also agree that the material will ONLY appear in Rogue Cinema and no where else during the month in which the material is published. Once the month is up and the issue has changed, the author is free to do whatever they like with the material. Be aware though that any and all published submissions will remain permanently in the Rogue Cinema issue archives.

· Can I submit stuff I’ve written that’s been published elsewhere previously?

It depends on the quality of the material, but generally we don’t want submissions that have appeared elsewhere. We prefer to have original material for the magazine.

· Will I be paid for my submissions?

Unfortunately no. The only thing you’ll receive is the credit you get for having your material published. Until the magazine starts selling advertising, we won’t have any money coming in, which means we can’t have any going out either. Currently, Rogue Cinema is running with an all volunteer staff of writers. We hope to change that someday.

· What restrictions do you have as far as content?

Here are the guidelines:

1. Keep the language clean (though we’re not sticklers about it). We have a variety of readers and want to be able to appeal to everyone.

2. Make sure you spell check and proofread your work checking for good sentence structure, proper grammar and correct punctuation. Any submitted material that is lacking in any or all of these areas may be rejected at the editor’s discretion.

3. Make sure your submission is something that would fit in with the general theme and content of the magazine.

Submissions may be sent back to you to have requested changes made if there’s a significant change requested. If there are small problems with sentence structure or things of that nature, the editor will re-word the sentence or make whatever other minor changes are necessary.

· Is there a style and image guide for submissions?

Yes. By following the guide you will save the editor a lot of time and trouble as he’s putting the next issue of the magazine together.


Rogue Cinema Style and Submission Guide:

If you could send your submissions in .rtf format that would help me out a lot. Word documents always end up getting copied with a bunch of stupid markup and I have to copy it into Wordpad first and then to the magazine just to get rid of the invisible markup stuff. So if you send your stuff in in .rtf format, it’ll save me an extra step when I’m putting the magazine together. Please note that if you don’t follow these guidelines, then it takes me a lot of extra time to fix things up or track down images when I’m trying to put the issues together, so please do your best to follow them exactly.

Here are a few general rules for all submissions:

ALWAYS hold your Shift key whenever you hit the Enter key.  This creates proper line breaks and saves me a ton of time while I’m putting the issue together.

Don’t indent your paragraphs.

Do not include any HTML markup in your submissions. Just include text links to anything you need to link to and I’ll activate them when I enter the piece in the magazine.

Put a line space between each paragraph. It makes the piece cleaner looking and easier to read when posted in the magazine.

Do not capitalize words in titles that should not be capitalized, such as “and”, “of”, “the” etc… unless it’s the first word of the title. Please follow proper grammar rules for these types of words in titles.

* * *

All submissions should be sent to

Submissions for the next issue need to be in by no later than the day BEFORE the last day of the month. At least a few days earlier is preferred however.



All images submitted need to be in .jpg format, high quality and high resolution. Basically, I can’t use small, over-compressed, crappy looking images. If you do an interview with someone and they send in crappy looking images, please ask them for some better quality images.


Basically, anything you want to cover, as long as it’s film related. Have fun with it and write about whatever you want.

Images Needed:
Anything relevant to the piece.

Please make the top line of the article like this:

Title of Article – By Your Name

I also need a cover blurb for the piece. If you look at the cover of the magazine you’ll see what I mean.


Bio pieces about various film people.

Images Needed:
One or two good head shots of the person plus other images of them in films or whatever.

Please make the top line of the review like this:

Title of Article – By Your Name.

I also need a cover blurb for these.


Just what it says. Reviews of any movies that don’t fall into the category of “mainstream Hollywood” are welcome. We prefer to run reviews of independent, genre, cult, classic or Asian genre cinema. Reviews of Hollywood films are welcome as well as long as the films are genre films or have achieved cult status. For example, a review of an X-Men movie would be welcome because it’s a genre film even though it’s mainstream.

Images Needed:
One good quality image of the movie cover.

Please make the top line of the review like this:

Name of Movie (year it was made) – By Your Name

Also, always include a link to the film’s website, Facebook page or whatever at the bottom of the review, as well as the film itself if it’s online and available for public viewing.

For example:
If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its website at


No explanation needed.

Images Needed:
One or two good head shots of the person and then any other relevant shots of them that would go with the interview. At least 2-3 other shots if not more. I can’t use distant shots because you can’t see anything in them when I reduce them to fit in the magazine. It’s also imperative above all else that the head shot is high quality and full resolution as it goes on the cover as well as in the interview.

Please make the top line of the interview like this:

An Interview with Person’s Name – By Your Name

I also need a cover blurb about them and what the interview is about written in third person. See the current cover for examples of the type of cover blurbs I’m talking about.

If you do an interview with someone, I would like the Q&A to be like this:

Your Initials: (question)

Their Initials: (answer)

Your Name: (question)

Person: (answer)

Three line breaks (2 blank lines) between each Q&A makes it easier when I put it in the magazine.


If you have any questions about this style guide, please feel free to drop us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

· Ok I’m cool with all that, so how do I submit my material?

Contact the editor to make sure your proposed submission is appropriate for the magazine. If approved, just follow the appropriate guidelines for making your submission.

· When is the submission deadline?

The deadline for each issue at least three days before the end of the month. Submissions received after this date each month may be held for the following issue after at the editor’s discretion.