Ass Studios Presents: 4 Short Films (2012) – By Brian Morton

There’s low budget and then there’s ultra-low budget and then there’s nearly-no-budget. Well, Ass Studios might make them all look like big budget tent poles!!! In this DVD, which features 4 short films from Ass Studios, you’ll see why.

In The Sinful Bitches, a young couple has just arrived in New York to seek their fortune. But, when they run into a woman and her demented son, soon the woman is drugged and is being pimped out against her will….or is she?

In The Bitches Of The Bowery, a trio of dangerous women finds an innocent school girl who’s waiting for a date. They take her into their group and soon the foursome is tormenting men in the big city!

Killer Unicorn is the story of a group of teens who relentlessly harass anyone gay…or who they think is gay…who passes their way. When one gay man is given a unicorn mask, he’s transformed into an avenging, gay angel!

And, finally, in Elf Workout, a very odd woman with pointed ears leads us on one of the strangest workouts of all time!

Each short is sexually charged, but never pornographic, and completely twisted, not unlike early John Waters films; Ass Studios seems to embrace the strange, weird and twisted with all the enthusiasm of a fat guy with a donut!

I’m giving this compilation DVD 4 out of 4 cigars for strangeness. If you’re willing to set aside preconceptions, then dive right in, if you’re a bit more reserved, you might want to think about it! Live dangerously and grab a copy for yourself by heading over to