Assault of the Sasquatch (2009) – By Jason S. Lockard

When I first heard of this film my initial thoughts were great a bunch of teenagers go out camping and are attacked by Bigfoot Ho Hum! Same old, Same old! Well, I was wrong when it comes to 2009’s Assault of the Sasquatch written by John Doolan and Directed by Andrew Gernhard. This one is nothing like the other Bigfoot movies you’ve seen! This one is different!

The story starts as a merciless bear poacher named Terry Drake played by Kevin Shea [complete with rotten teeth and eye patch] and fellow poachers are out trapping bears when suddenly found in the trap is something bigger than a bear…… You guessed it it’s a sasquatch! But this poacher wouldn’t get his cut of the money for as he was waiting for Drake to come with ’the sled’ the Big foot swiped at him taking half of his face off with his huge claws! When Drake arrived his subdued the beast and put him in the back of his truck.

We than see a businessman on a private plane than find out that he is a collector and Drake now has his next prize, but before Drake can collect he is arrested for poaching and his truck in impounded by park ranger Ryan Walker [Greg Nutcher] and his partner. As you may have guessed by now the Sasquatch escapes from the truck and as the tagline for this film says New Territory … Fresh Prey. This is where this film is different than all the other films. People are disturbing his territory and he’s a blood thirsty monster. This film he is dropped out of his territory and into the city where he must protect himself. Well than Ryan’s college-aged daughter Jessica and the thug who murdered the ranger’s wife years ago, also end up at the same lonely precinct as Drake. Than if that isn’t bad enough the Big Foot sees Drake in the precinct you see fire in his eyes and he charges…. Will Sasquatch gain revenge on Drake?!…. Will Drake kill the sasquatch?! Will anyone survive this Assault of the Sasquatch?…. You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

I love the fact that the film is not a complete rehash of other sasquatch films, but that doesn’t make it a great film! This film was intent on developing back stories for every character even the supporting ones, than they crammed them into the script; which for me took away from the real story which was sasquatch gaining revenge on Drake. Than there’s Don and Murph two cyber geeks that are members of The Sasquatch Society they are tracking the sasquatch through the city with their camcorder! These two are played by Youtube sensations Shaun Philips and MJ Kelley. My feeling is these two were inserted into this film for comic relief, but for me they seemed more irritating than entertaining! The acting was pretty decent, except for Kevin Shea who stood out in his sadistic poacher role of Drake…. Must be seen to be believed! The special effects are your typical Cheesy CGI effects of this generation but they do find unique was to off the characters in this film.

The special edition DVD is quite a release though; digitally mastered in widescreen, the movie is crystal clear and is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio. The bonus features include Bloopers, Sasquatch and Banchee! Trailers, "Sasquatch" music video and if your a fan of them you can watch The further adventures of Don and Murph. All and all this is really good DVD release. So if your a fan of the cheesy special effects and gory slaughter film by all means check out ‘Assault of the Sasquatch’ if for no other reason because it’s different!

Moral Rating: Brief Nudity, Extreme Violence and Extreme Profanity
Audience: Adults
Genre: Horror
Length: 85 min.
Released: 2009
Our Rating: C-