Attack of the Baby Doll (2007) – By Nic Brown

 Attack of the Baby Doll is a short feature from Stunt Kitty Films. It is about a doll collector (Philip Faiss) and his b-movie actress aunt (Debora Roventini) who both want a rare doll, each for their own purposes. For Philip, the doll represents a pinnacle for his strange love and obsession with baby dolls, and perhaps an inspiration for his musical theatre writing. Debora sees the doll as her ticket to an appearance on “The Doll Show”, a cable access program in Hollywood that appraises dolls, much like “Antiques Road Show” does with rare finds from the attic.

Attack of the Baby Doll isn’t straight horror, which the title might lead one to believe. It is more of a camp romp through Philip and Debora’s lives with a bit of the supernatural mixed in. In fact this short film has a lot of odd humor in it as we watch Philip interacting with his doll collection and the Suzy doll of his dreams. Philip also brings a bit of a musical element to the film as he works up a song that then becomes his “theme” for the rest of the feature.

Don’t expect a lot of high end special effects or serious scares. Attack of the Baby Doll makes no secret of the fact that it is very low budget and although the blue screen effects can sometimes be a bit much, the overall effect is to add to the film’s humorous. Hats off to Debora Roventini for her role in the making Attack of the Baby Doll. Not only was she one of the main characters, she also handled directing, editing and the film’s special effects. Go into Attack of the Baby Dolls with an open mind and you can have a fun time with the film, but be warned you will hear Philips’ song: “Drag Queen’s Lament” in your head for days afterwards.

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