Attack of the Slime People (2008) – By Brian Morton

I can’t imagine anything more difficult than trying to make a ‘period’ movie with a low budget. Well, I just saw one that not only managed to do it, but did it amazingly well! It’s called Attack of the Slime People and it’s not at all what you might think!

Set in Hollywood in the 50s, Attack of the Slime People is the story of down and out film director Buddy Flavanoid (think Ed Wood with fewer scruples), Buddy has a great new script, Attack of the Slime People, that he wants to get made. Once he has people interested in financing the movie, he begins casting and that’s when all the trouble begins. You see, Buddy’s found his leading man, but there’s another actor who just won’t stop harassing him for the part, and, to make things worse, Buddy’s partner likes the other actor better, so what’s Buddy to do? You got it, take a baseball bat to the actor he’s not interested in and get rid of the body! And thus begins Buddy’s strange odyssey, because one murder leads to another, and then the police begin snooping around and the next thing you know Buddy’s on the run from the law.

Attack of the Slime People is a wonderful parody of late 50s early 60s low budget fare, Robert Tiffi is perfectly cast as Buddy, he begins as manic and then spirals downward from there, it’s great, in fact, the entire cast is wonderful, Jackie Zane as Marge, Buddy’s long suffering (and infatuated) assistant is especially well cast also. If you’re a fan of low budget movies from this era, then you’re going to love Attack of the Slime People, in fact, if I hadn’t known that it was a current movie, I would have sworn that this was actually made in the 60s! You can find out more about Attack of the Slime People by heading over to the Attack of the Slime People web page. This is really a fun movie that will make you want to catch up on all those drive in movies that you missed back then! So, until next time, when I’ll be sitting in my car missing that drive in experience, remember that the best movies are bad movies.