Audition (1999) – By Brian Morton

Have you ever seen a movie that seemed like one kind of movie and then took a left turn into the seriously weird? Well, if you haven’t then have I got a movie for you! It’s called Audition, and it first came to my attention when it was featured in a segment of Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments. People the like of Rob Zombie and John Landis called Audition ‘disturbing’ and ‘uncomfortable’, you know, basically they said all the right things to get me interested in watching it! Audition opens with a man, Aoyama, sitting at the bedside of his dying wife. From there the movie kind of becomes a ‘chick flick’, it begins the story of a man who’s lonely after the death of his wife who decides that as his son is getting older, he might want to get married again. So, after enlisting a friend who runs a movie production company, Aoyama decides that, instead of dating and dating, hoping to find the right woman, he should audition women and see if anyone seems right for him.

During the audition he meets Asami. Asami is quiet, a bit reserved, but still intelligent and talented. Aoyama calls her and begins to date her and everything seems to be going alright. That is, until Aoyama takes his new girlfriend away for the weekend. At her instigation, they sleep together and everything changes…and not for the better. Asami disappears and Aoyama begins looking for her, based on what she’s told him. And everything Asami has told Aoyama about herself has been misleading, not lies exactly, but definitely not the truth. When Aoyama and Asami finally get back together, it’s in his house, but it’s not the romantic reunion that you might think.

The last fifteen minutes of this movie is a torture scene that will make you squirm! And if it doesn’t, then you might have a serious problem. Asami is not only psychotic, she’s dangerously psychotic! She’s seen Aoyama’s housekeeper, and assumed that he’s seeing other women and she won’t have that, so she decides that since he’s caused her pain, she’ll return the favor. But, instead of breaking his heart, Asami decides to saw off his…well, I won’t ruin it for you.

Audition is a movie that you need to see. It gets a bit disjointed at the end, with several dream sequences piling on top of each other, but if you bear with it, it all makes sense in the end. And, if you don’t tell the person you’re watching it with that it’s a horror movie, you just might see their head explode when the movies climactic scenes come around! It’s called Audition and I highly recommend it. So until the next time, when I’ll audition for the part of a guy who doesn’t have to work so damn hard for a living, remember, the best movies are bad movies.