Aye, Dead On! (2011) – By Josh Samford

Aye, Dead On! is a five minute comedy short dealing with everyone’s favorite stumbling version of the undead, zombies. Directed by Andrew Burns, who also co-stars as one of the main protagonists, the short seems like a teaser for something bigger that will no doubt come down the pipeline for the young filmmaker. Seemingly the film acts as an opening for a much larger take on the zombie apocalypse. Burns does a good job of showcasing a true love for the genre, and he never attempts to shy away from invoking images from the classic horrors of zombie-cinema-past. Featuring shots that seem to riff on both Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi’s kinetik vision of what horror should be, you can see all of the influences that this filmmaker brings to the table. In fact the character that Andrew Burns plays in the film is actually named "Raimi", a comical nod to a filmmaker he obviously admires to a great extent.

There’s only so much one can say about a five minute short, but considering that it is available freely on YouTube and is well worth the small investment of time: I absolutely recommend you give it a quick look. Hopefully Burns and his crew will get together to continue on with this rock and roll fueled attempt to rid the world of the undead, because I have to admit I’m intrigued by what he’s attempting to do here. You can watch the short film for yourself at: