B-Movie Tax Write Offs – By Danny Runion

April showers may bring May flowers, and a lot of people hoping to forget the taxes of April 15. However, one would need something more than just that with the b-movie 10W-40 taxes. Deductions for world conquest, giant monsters, UFOs, homicidal maniacs, and others are only a few of the semi-ordinary b-movie write-offs. Hopefully, this will be considered a humorous attempt at tax evasion, and is only recommended if the Secretary of the Treasury is Scrooge McDuck and the head of the IRS is the Leprechaun wanting more gold.  So here are some of the more typical write-offs.

*   *   *

Kai-Ju Monsters

These radioactive monsters rampaging around the world have been able to claim their own tax breaks, including travel expenses for reporters, scientists and soldiers, paying for destroyed citites and the costs of building energy weapons to fight off the monsters.

Homicidal Maniacs

Travel expenses for getting to summer camps, rebuilding run-down, off the road motels/cafes/etc…, scalpels, axes, knives, chainsaws and whatever other implements of death and mayhem they should happen to purchase during the current tax year..

Mad Scientists

Dr Frankenstein has always inspired or terrified the medical profession. Mad scientists have always demanded that their research would revolutionize the world, or allow them to conquer it.  Deductions include building new labs in castles and medical expenses for jars for human organs to be preserved.  However, assistants have to legally change their names to "Igor" and walk around hunchbacked for the deduction to be legal.  They can also deduct expenses related to world conquest, destruction caused by medically created monsters, natural disasters caused my experimentation, etc….


1950s science fiction helped inspire the Area 51 budgets.  UFO propulsion – the nuclear fusion drive is suffering a bit in the current engine department and the repair expenses are being written off.  There’s also write offs for travel to Devil’s Tower because of alien brain compulsion, time travel related expenses including the flux capacitor and money from stock tips left years in the past to accumulate interest.  Energy weapons to destroy any attacking aliens can also be written off as a business expense.