Back Home (2016) – By Jim Morazzini


Mark ( Patrick O’Brien) is a young soldier returned home and suffering from PTSD. Tess ( Kitty Colquhoun) is a recently graduated psychiatrist assigned to his case. She uses role playing to get through his defenses and work on his issues. The only thing is, she may have as many issues as he does.

Writer/director Chris Purnell has crafted an interesting tale of two flawed people filtered through multiple characters. It’s an unusual perspective and by the film’s end a lot has been brought to the surface about both of them. Including something very dark which leads to a frustratingly ambiguous ending. But up to that it did hold my interest despite being almost entirely two people talking in a room. The lack of budget means no flashbacks, reenactments etc, everything is talked out and described. Normally this would eventually get dull for me but this time I wasn’t bored. It has it’s slow points, but never really lost me.

Director of photography is Grant McPhee, himself a directory of documentaries, gives many of the scenes an odd feeling by way of some unusual lighting. This helps distract from the lack of locations though at times I did wish there were more changes of scenery. This may have worked a bi better as an hour long TV drama or even, given the lack of locations, a play.

Back Home is a film of words and ideas, not of visuals and this will leave some people bored, but for those that can deal with the lack of sets or actions it should be an interesting watch.