Backup Thesis (2009) – By Brian Morton

Social commentary is something that a lot of movies strive for, but when a movie makes a social comment by making itself about social commentary….well, that’s more than my brain can handle! The movie, Backup Thesis, is really that kind of movie; it will keep you interested and then make you think.

Backup Thesis is the story of a man doing his thesis and he’s about to interview a homeless man his cousin sent him to talk to. Both he and his camera man are nervous about meeting a man who’s been homeless for some time and is, most likely, got some mental issues. When he shows up, it’s exactly what they expect and they’re both terribly uncomfortable. But when the homeless man takes them to a very luxurious home to get cleaned up, they’re introduced to the person who owns the home and their tale takes a very interesting turn! It seems that the homeless man is the homeowner and he’s been disguising himself as homeless for years doing a bit of social research. The story ends with you asking yourself if you’d do something like that yourself for the money. Does money mean more than your social standing? Would you be willing to be looked down on and ignored by nearly everyone around you to be financially comfortable? Interesting questions.

With Backup Thesis, writer/director Mack Syler has put together both a very cool little film and a comment and question for society as a whole. Which means more, personal contact and esteem or financial security? Ask yourself which you’d prefer…the answer might surprise you.
I’m giving Backup Thesis 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a short so it’s not long enough to preach to you, but it makes you wonder which is more important in your life! Find out more over at