Bad Boy Bubby (1993) – By Jason Patfield

 Back in 1995 I visited a Horror convention and came across a soon to be cult classic called Bad Boy Bubby.  I knew it was never released in the USA (until 2005) and had only heard how great it was; I opted to purchase the bootleg VHS for a steep $30.
After watching the VHS copy I had realized, even with the horrible background hiss, dark grainy footage and occasionally loss of picture, it was money well spent.

The story follows 35 year old Bubby through the adventures of his life. Bubby is played by Nicholas Hope who does an incredible job being believable in his character. Bad Boy Bubby contains a slew of provocative subject manners, which needs to be seen to be appreciated and the fast pace storyline has you mesmerized from beginning to end.

In 2005 BLUE UNDERGROUND and RYKO Distribution released Bad Boy Buddy in the USA; the 5.1 Dolby Digital DVD has an average amount of extras, but at only $20 the movie alone is well worth it.
I can honestly see why many have commented it’s the Forrest Gump for cult fans; it has won over seven prestigious film awards and received rave reviews, so if you enjoy a well written and directed script, my recommendation is to see this film anyway possible.

DVD *****/******
Extras ***/*****