Bad Cops (2004) – By Brian Morton

 Everyone loves those true-life cop shows. Cops, True Stories Of The Highway Patrol, Wildest Police Chases, whichever one it is, if we weren’t watching them, they wouldn’t still be on! So, when I saw a DVD called Bad Cops, purporting to show true police brutality caught on tape, I thought this might be interesting…I was wrong!

First of all, this isn’t anything that you haven’t already seen. I was familiar with at least three of these videos from other programs, the difference here is the voice-overs. On the mainstream TV cop shows, we’re told, what we assume, is the true story of what’s going on…remember perception is everything…but in Bad Cops, we’re shown the same video with different voice overs, which don’t seem to be that accurate. There was at least one video where what the announcers were describing wasn’t quite what I was seeing with my own eyes. The ‘reporters’ were talking about the suspect being down and having obviously surrendered before the police began hitting him, but what I saw was a man on his back obviously fighting being handcuffed, which led the cop to hit him with one of those flashlights that hold about twenty-two D cell batteries!

And that one scene isn’t the only problem I had with this “movie”. I put the word movie into quotes like that because there’s really no over-arching story here, just a bunch of videos strung together with a single theme and that theme seems to be more of an agenda by the producers. Almost every one of these videos has been shot from helicopters, and the voice over work reflects that, except in one sequence where the tape has obviously been shot from ground level, and yet the ‘reporters’ are still in their helicopter! They must have been flying very low that day!

The bottom line here is that these are your standard ‘cop show’ videos, but with narration that tries to make the cops look like bad guys. Now, am I saying that there are no bad cops out there, hell no! In fact, I’ve known a few dirty cops in my time, but I’d like to think that, in this day of video cameras on every corner, there are more good cops than bad, or that, at least the bad cops are smart enough to stay away from any public offenses! If you like those TV cops shows, then you might like Bad Cops, just turn off the volume and enjoy the tapes! If you like to check this out for yourself, feel free to drop on over to Brain Damage And until the next time remember that if you’re being beaten by a cop, you might try to figure out what you’ve actually done wrong, and then remember that the best movies are bad movies…it won’t make the beating hurt less, but it might distract you momentarily!