Bad Girls (2009) – By Nic Brown

Technology is a powerful force in today’s society. One of the ways it is changing things is ready availability of video both for entertainment and for communication. The idea that a camera can be almost anywhere, recording what we do is nothing new; George Orwell’s bleak vision of the future included televisions that were always on and always watching us while we watched them. Filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska have their own take on the ever present eye, with their short film BAD GIRLS.

When college girls Gwen and Mary Jane set up a web cam for their grandmother to use, they didn’t expect to see her brutally assaulted while sending them a message. After the initial shock of seeing the attack is over, the pair enlist the aid of their boyfriends and a camera of their own in seeking payback, with interest.

BAD GIRLS is a short with a lot of punch to it (no pun intended). While the actual beating of the grandmother is off camera, the reactions of the girls as they see the video is not, and their reactions as they see someone they love senselessly attacked elicits powerful feelings for such a short film. It is that strong emotion and the way it forces the viewer to empathize with the sisters that makes the revenge they seek seem all the more appropriate. At the same time, it makes the viewer wonder where our voyeuristic society is heading and what true justice is. So take about seven minutes out of your day and check out BAD GIRLS, you may be surprised by what you see.

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