Basic How-To Halloween Makeups (2007) – By Brian Morton

 With Halloween fast approaching, I’m sure that you all have your costumes picked out. What?! You don’t? Well, Tempe Video may have the answer that you’ve been looking for, it’s called Basic How-To Halloween Makeups and if you’d rather have something a little more original than one of those rubber masks, then you’re going to love this!

The video is very helpful and seems to be designed for those of us who are less than artistically inclined. There are twenty different face makeups, all of varying degrees of difficulty, each of which is pretty cool and the DVD is designed to start with the basics and then work up to harder makeups. The first is a Pumpkinface that incorporated just makeup of different colors to turn you into a cool pumpkin head. The projects stay at about this level, with different basic skills being incorporated until you get to the Alien, then you need to add a little more to what you’ve learned, incorporating some appliances into the makeup, then you move to the Burn Victim, Frankenstein’s Monster and on up to Evil Clown and Swamp Creature, each makeup getting slightly more complex. The really great thing about this Basic How-To Halloween Makeups is that it’s something that you can do yourself and once you get the hang of the different techniques they’re incorporated more and new techniques are added to them, and it’s something that you can turn the kids loose with and just let them have a little Halloween fun.

I’m giving Basic How-To Halloween Makeups four out of four cigars, because, besides being a very good instructional video, it’s also something that made me want to get a little creative this Halloween! You can get a copy now, before the holiday by heading over to the Tempe Video Store and get a copy for you and your family today! So, until next time, when I’ll have so much junk latexed and puttied to my face that you won’t recognize me, remember that the best movies are bad movies.