Basket Case (1982) – By Brian Morton

 Family. It’s called the core of our society, it’s supposed to be the bedrock of our humanity, and it’s usually a huge pain in the butt! But, we’ve all got one and we all have to deal with it. So, in that spirit, I decided to watch a movie that’s all about family values. It’s 1982’s Basket Case and it’s the story of a boy and his brother. Now, before you think that the bad movie guy’s gone a bit soft in the head, the boy in this movie is perfectly normal, mostly, but the brother is described as a ‘squashed octopus’, and if that doesn’t make you want to see this movie, then, my friend, nothing will!

Basket Case is the story of Duane and Belial, they were born as Siamese twins and lived that way until Duane was about twelve or thirteen years old, then his father hired a vet to separate them and kill Belial, who is the aforementioned squashed octopus. The problem is, that even though they take Belial out in a garbage bag, he doesn’t die and he and Duane have a telepathic connection that jus gets stronger when they’re separated. And, so, as all separated Siamese twins do, they set out to kill the doctors involved in the separation!

This is another Frank Henenlotter classic and it’s an 80s classic! From the acting to the special effects this one is low budget all over, and I’ll recommend the anniversary edition, only to see the tour that Frank himself takes you on to the locations where the movie was actually filmed and to meet Belial himself, who lives now on Franks roof in New York. If it’s 80s cheese you crave than Basketcase will hit the spot! So, until the next time we meet when I’ll tell you about the time I carried my brother around in a basket, he wasn’t a squashed octopus, well, at least he wasn’t before I put him in the basket, remember, the best movies are bad movies!