Battledroid (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

TomCat films is known for it’s mockbusters. The latest film to make it’s way to DVD was originally known as Perfect: Android Rising, but now is know under the title Battledroid.

The film takes place in the near future, when our nation is at war with itself and on the brink of collapse. In an effort to wipe out all the rebels, the government authorizes the creation of the perfect killing machine, an artificially intelligent android soldier named LIA. But while in battle, LIA is captured by the Resistance and reprogrammed to think and feel.

I had high hopes for this film, but between the less than stellar cgi, a slow story and plastic characters. The film falls short, it just couldn’t keep my interest! The DVD itself features a good copy fo the film and a trailer as well, which is a plus.  

So if you love TomCat Films by all means pick up the DVD of Battledriod at

Moral Rating: violence, adult language
Audience: Parental guidance
Genre: sci-fi, action, adventure
DVD Time: 85 minutes
DVD Released: 2015
Rating: D