Baystate Blues (2007) – By Brian Morton

 I tend to dislike movies that reflect real life. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s that I live real life everyday and would like to see movies as a way to escape it, or maybe it’s something way deeper and far more psychological…or maybe I just have a short attention span. Well, I just saw a movie that not only is a perfect reflection of real life, but kept me interested throughout! It’s called Baystate Blues and it may be the best drama I’ve seen in quite some time.

The story here is about Devon and her husband Mike, Devon had a car accident six months ago that left her both physically and emotionally scarred. When an old friend comes into town Devon sees that her life isn’t everything that it could have been, and, since she’s in a precarious mental place anyway, she does something that shocks everyone! Now, I won’t tell you the entire plot of the movie, that would be wrong and I just don’t roll that way. Let me just say that, if you’ve ever lived in, been around or just hung out in a small town, you’ll recognize exactly what’s going on here. Life moves just beneath the surface of what really goes on around you and Baystate Blues reminds us that, no matter what we see going on, it all might just be a front put up by ‘polite society’ to hide the real life bubbling underneath.

Baystate Blues is billed as an ‘intimate epic’ and that’s what it really is. I once heard a saying that life is what goes on while we’re waiting for the ‘big events’ to happen, and that describes perfectly Baystate Blues, life is moving forward all the time, whether or not we acknowledge it or not. I’m giving Baystate Blues four out of four cigars, because, despite my feeling that this had ‘chick flick’ written all over it, I truly enjoyed this movie and at the same time understood and was shocked by what was happening in the story! It’s a fine film and one that you’ll enjoy. You can find out more about Baystate Blues by heading over to the Baystate Blues web page. It’s a movie that you can enjoy with your woman, and not feel like you’ve just been covered in something frilly! So, until next time, when I’ll be looking for something frilly to wear, remember that the best movies are bad movies.