Because They’re Young (1960) – By Jason S. Lockard

Classic films are not just a part of film history, they are a true enjoyment. Films from yesteryear transport us to a different time, a more simple time. Mill Creek Entertainment has release one of those film for it’s 55th anniversary, Because they’re young.

The film follows Neil Hendry (played amazingly by the great Dick Clark) a high school teacher who tries to make a difference in the lives of troubled students in the school and in turn finds love himself with the principal’s secretary.

This film is pure drama dealing with social issues at the time. A cool bonus in this film is the music of James Darren and Duane Eddy & the Rebels whose title song became the biggest hit.

The DVD features a beautifully transferred copy of this film, but sadly no bonus features. If you love those 50s and 60s teens films as much as I do, Because they’re young is a must have for your collection. Head over to and pick up a copy today!

Moral Rating: mild violence and adult situations
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: drama
Length: 1 hour 39 Minutes
DVD Released: 2015
DVD Rating: A