Bee People (2013) – By Brian Morton

Honey Bees are having a bad time right now. They’re suffering from something called Colony Collapse Disorder, and, because we don’t know what causes it, there’s major concern that honey bees might completely die out. And, if that doesn’t worry you a little, think about this: Honey Bees are responsible for about a third of our food supply! So, if you didn’t think Honey Bees were important, then think again!

That’s the starting point of a very cool documentary from David G. Knappe called Bee People, a look into the world of people who keep bees and try to encourage others to do the same. Knappe’s main focus is Gregg McMahon, known as the Bee Guru, who rescues feral hives and relocated bees to better locations and helps people understand and keep bees of their own. Through the course of this doc, you not only learn about bees, but about the people who keep them and how these people are helping all of us.

One of the most interesting parts of the doc (at least for me) is seeing what is done with a bee colony once it’s removed from somewhere it’s not supposed to be. We’ve all seen the news footage of the giant hive of bees and the guys in the beekeeping suits taking them away, but in Bee People, we get to see exactly where they go and what happens next…and, it’s pretty interesting.

I’m giving Bee People 4 out of 4 cigars. If you’re like me and really enjoy looking into other ‘communities’ that you never really thought about, you’ll love Bee People, from the hives to the removal, to the whys and hows of dealing with bees, this is a doc that everyone who’s worried about our planet should see! Find out more over at