Beer Drinkers In Space (1983) – By Brian Morton

 Everyone has said, at some time in their life, "Hey, we should make a movie!” but few people follow up after saying those words, and the people who do, often wind up with something that’s very forgettable. But, Frank Delle, his brother and friends, said that in 1983, then got up and did something about it and came up with a movie that’s still making the rounds today, and it’s just as funny and fun as it was then!

The story here is pretty simple, a space barge, the Stro-Lite is transporting beer to the Nebulai 7-11, captained by Captain Slosh and crewed by Pilot Tipsy and Navigator Tank. When the ship comes under attack by the Prohbes, who don’t want beer consumed in the galaxy, it’s up to a lone star fighter, captained by Yates Rebose to save them. Beer Drinkers In Space is exactly what you’d think it is, just a lot of fun, but this isn’t just a low budget movie, this is a little bit more than that.

Frank Delle, Beer Drinker In Space’s writer/director, worked for Disney in the 80s and gathered friends from work to help him with his after-hours project, so the quality of the sets is quite amazing! The ship also comes under attack by a group of aliens called the Leshinboons, and the original puppets were also designed by a Disney employee, so the quality of the film is pretty high. That being said, you’ll have to be patient with Beer Drinkers In Space, remember, this was 1983, VCRs weren’t a household object yet, and Beer Drinkers is shot on consumer quality equipment, so you’ll have to be patient with it, but it’s worth your patience!

Just as fun, and on the same disc, is the documentary, Keep Drinking Men, which chronicles the movies making and offers interviews with both cast and crew today, more than twenty years after the fact. What you really get from both the movie and the doc, is that these people are really having fun together, it comes across in the movie and the doc as well. A group of friends, a camera, a script and some beer and Frank has an instant classic, after all, who doesn’t like beer, and add to that a fun movie, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice evening in my book!

I’m giving Beer Drinkers In Space four out of four cigars, because what it might lack in technical prowess, it more than makes up for in heart. The movie is fun, the documentary is fun and it seems that Frank Delle has some pretty good, and talented friends. You can see it all for yourself by heading over to Tempe Entertainment and getting a copy for yourself, you won’t be disappointed, and, if you have a few beers before the show, you’ll find it even funnier and, you and your friends will find yourselves yelling, Condition Red, quite a bit! So, until next time, when we’ll talk about other movies that go great with a cold beer…well, that pretty much all of them isn’t it? Until then, remember that the best movies are bad movies.