Benson Season 1 & 2 (1988-1989) – By Jason S. Lockard

Robert Guillaume was the standout in the very funny sitcom take on the soap opera named ‘Soap’; where he played butler Benson DuBois to the crazy Tate family. Because of his popularity, he got his own TV spinoff entitled Benson. Now thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment you too can own the first two seasons of Benson on DVD for an amazing price.   

In this series The fast-thinking, quick-witted butler Benson DuBois is sent by Jessica Tate to help the disorganized household of Governor Eugene Gatling her cousin. When Benson arrives he finds himself not just trying to organize the household, but advising the Governor himself on many issues.

Some of the best episodes in the first two season included; Trust Me: Katie sneaks away to a rock concert even though her father the Governor objects, while Benson is assigned to enforce the prohibition.  Flight of the Dodo 1 & 2: After crash landing the helicopter in the desert, Benson, the Governor, and Clayton all struggle to survive. 1,000,000 an hour: A budget surplus is discovered! Now Governor Gatling, Benson and Clayton are assigned to spend the surplus before the next fiscal year begins. Only problem it’s just hours away. Old school ties: Libby, the Governor’s sister, suggests that Katie should be sent to a boarding school. Everyone is shocked when the Governor decieds to take her advice. Lifesaver: Benson saves his mortal enemy Kraus’ life but now Kraus’ appreciation going to extremes.

This four disc DVD set includes all 46 season 1 and 2 episodes in really good audio and video quality. The DVD menus are easy to access! This is just a really great collection for the whole family to enjoy!

So if your loved Robert Guillaume as Benson! You gotta have the first and second seasons and for only $14.98 that is a steal, pick it up today. I highly recommend you head over to and find out how you can get your copy today!

Moral Rating: Nothing offensive
Audience: Families
Genre: Sitcom
Length: Almost 20 hours
DVD Released: 2014
DVD Rating: A+