Bicycle Day (2011) – By Tiffany Apan

The idea of a film (normally within the horror or thriller genres) taking place on a camping trip is not a new concept at all. In fact, many that do take place in such a setting normally follow the following format: a group of friends on a camping trip, they goof around in many more ways than one, and then most of them are finished off by a crazed killer of sorts. Another ingredient normally found in this formula is also substance abuse of some kind (be it alcohol, weed, or any other form of recreational drug). Damian Morter’s Bicycle Day uses such a formula, but before you say “oh great, another camping movie in the horror or thriller genre,” I will say to not be so quick to jump to that conclusion. Bicycle Day is a film with a fresh approach to a traditional setting.

We all have our methods of destressing. In this film, the main characters Chris (Damian Morter), Simon (Paul D Morrisson), and Jay (Jay Barnett) take an annual camping trip to the Yorkshire countryside as a means of escape from real life stress. Over the years, this has become a tradition for them. But this year, a fourth is added when they bring along Chris’s more rebellious brother, Paul (Paul Collin-Thomas). This move is an attempt on Chris’s part to try and soften and otherwise strained relationship with his sibling. Chris also wants to help Paul gain some more stability with his life. At first all seems well for the most part. But as we are taken into the wilderness with the four men, things begin to unravel. Tensions and unresolved issues come into play. When the four get settled into their campsite, the trouble begins. The viewer is taken on a rather disturbing journey that ends up being a rather horrific oddessy.

The film’s cinematography has a highly professional quality with an unsettling soundtrack score that compliments the dark mood and atmosphere very well. The acting is overall very solid on everyone’s part, which I believe was a combination of talent along with a solid script. As an actress myself I can tell you that while an actor’s ability to effectively portray a character is essential, a good script with character background and development are also a big help when it comes to creating a character. Giving the actor something to work with, in other words. Morter clearly had all the needed elements of creating well-rounded individuals on camera within the Bicycle Day script. In Bicycle Day, every intricate detail is paid attention to. There is no “filler” and everything seems to have a purpose in the film. Everything from the character development, the plot, and the overall atmosphere of the film comes together to make a truly excellent film. I will add that I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat as I watched this. I will definitely recommend checking out Bicycle Day. I can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed (I certainly wasn’t).

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