Bigfoot Versus Zombies (2015) – Jim Morazzini


It was bound to happen, two of the most abused creatures in the history of low budget horror brought together and pitted against each other. And while there was some potential in this match up, the results are incredibly underwhelming, even by DIY movie standards.

The plot involves a standard mad scientist working on a standard mad formula. He disposes of failed attempts out behind the lab, the problem is the lab is located on the state body farm and it, of course, reanimates the dead. With the cast trapped in the lab their only hope is the giant hairy primate that just happens to be lurking in the area.

This could have been a fun slice of cheese if played straight the way writer/director Mark Polonia did when his twin brother John was still alive and collaborating with him. They produced fun slices of low budget cheese with ideas that frequently far outreached their budgets but still managed to be entertaining. But here he tries to play everything for laughs from the inane characters to the obvious bright red paint used for blood. I’m not sure if the horrible zombie effects are part of the joke or just the result of having no budget. In one scene a zombie’s shirt flaps in the breeze and we see there’s no makeup under it, and more than one has an obvious rubber mask on. It’s just all really dismal and, between this and his previous film Jurassic Prey, one of my first reviews here, I have to wonder if it’s time for him to retire before he really tarnishes his legacy.

I don’t want to go on beating a dead Sasquatch so I’m going to cut this really short. If you’re thinking of watching this, don’t. If you’re expecting something like the old Polonia Brothers films you’ll be even more disappointed. Just avoid this one.