Biology 101 (2013) – By Brian Morton

Online life seems to be eclipsing real life in many ways. People are shopping online, getting their news online, even dating and getting married online. It’s when online life starts affecting real life that we tend to get in trouble. That’s the tale (sort of) being told by Christopher Smith in his new movie, Biology 101.

Bill Pollard is a quiet man, he’s married with a daughter, he teaches biology at the local university and, on the surface, it appears that he’s a normal guy. But, once you get past the surface, there’s something else going on. Bill enjoys online porn, and not all of it, he’s obsessed with one girl in particular, Dani Darling. Dani is his obsession, she’s taken over his life, he can’t concentrate on anything else, his marriage is suffering, he’s not paying attention to his daughter and his work is definitely being affected. So, when Dani walks into his classroom as a student, Bill’s life is thrown completely out of whack!!! Real life and online life have collided and Bill can’t tell them apart for a while! But, when Dani’s boyfriend shows up and decides that blackmailing Bill would be a good way to make some more money, Bill’s life nearly goes off the rails. What can Bill do? Pay the blackmail? Tell his family the truth? Or just kill these people and move on? Well, that’s Bill’s dilemma, yours is how to see this movie!

Biology 101 is one of those movies that will capture you attention and then your imagination. This is something that could very easily happen in real life, even to you! It’s a tale of problems at home, dealing with reality and how decisions you make in haste can turn around and bite you back…hard! Biology 101 is an excellent morality tale, the story is great and very believable the acting is amazing, I never once didn’t think that this was a real family in crisis and the look of the film is great! I’m giving Biology 101 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great story and will probably have you thinking twice before you power up that computer and begin surfing next time! Do a bit of safe surfing and find out more over at