Birthday Crashers (2013) – By Brian Morton

We’ve all seen Wedding Crashers, but what about a more immature version of that? Not possible, you say? Well, check out Birthday Crashers from Cee French Harth.

The story here is about two school bus company owners who crash kids birthday parties every August, in search of the holy grail of the kiddie birthday party…the chocolate fountain! In the middle of the search, one of them begins to fall in love with one of the single mothers there and the whole plot begins to unravel!

Birthday Crashers isn’t one of the smartest movies you’ll ever see, but it’s one of the most entertaining. It’s sort of a Wedding Crashers for kids, with two grown men playing with glow sticks and looking for a chocolate fountain. It’s something that you could definitely sit down and have a good laugh with your son or daughter with! I’m giving Birthday Crashers 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a lot of fun and it’s fun for the whole family…something we don’t see a lot of around here! Find out more over at